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  1. pittkesh99

    GT vs WF 2/6 7:00 PM

    I’m not sure if I agree; Every other stop on his resume has shown he can clearly coach well. And he’s had some fantastic games that you could never expect this year. I think what it comes down to this team is inexperienced and it doesn’t have a veteran leader. Those things, combined with...
  2. pittkesh99

    So… we won. Will it be a turning point or a blip on the radar?

    Ever since Georgia Tech joined the ACC, every year we had a winning record against Duke+UNC (2-1 this year), we have both made the ACC title game and the NCAA Tourney (2021, 2010, 1996, 1985)…So never say never!
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    It’s a different version of Yellow Jacket Alley. It’s no longer by Brittain Dr, but the same thing that usually happens during YJA happens down North Ave instead, starting from the Helluva Block Party
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    ACC Standings

    The only way we make the ACC Championship game are if the only 6-2 ACC teams are 1) GT-Louisville-UNC 2) GT-NC State 3) GT-UNC 4) GT Not playing FSU hurts a lot in SOS. But it also highlights how critical that week 1 game against Louisville was; Win that and we are in the driver seat and would...
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    Gofundme to hire a new DJ

    I see you have not experienced the terrifying energy that song brings out of sorority girls in the stands
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    2024 Season

    I just graduated from Tech and let me tell you the by far #1 reason why not as many students show up to the game is because Athletics doesn't let people bring their bags in. The amount of times me and my friends have opted to not go to a baseball game because we had to do work/had to be...
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    Nevertheless, it shouldn't have mattered. If we were playing like Chicago St. and were only down Deivon and lost, that would clearly be horrible cause our team with our talent should be able to beat such a team. Chicago St. is higher on the Ken Pom rankings than Louisville. Now I know rankings...
  8. pittkesh99

    When does Pastner feel heat

    Pastner needs to go for multiple reasons. Outside of the team sucking, this team needs a cultural reset. We can’t continue down this death spiral because not only will it kill recruiting, but it will kill future student enthusiasm. If the games students turn out to are massive blowouts, then...
  9. pittkesh99

    2022-23 GTWBB

    Oh yeah my bad I meant to say Women’s Basketball but got a brain freeze. Volleyball is always packed. The only time I ever remember Women’s Bball being fully packed was against UCONN
  10. pittkesh99

    2022-23 GTWBB

    Yeah this student body unfortunately has always struggled to attend women’s sports. I’ve gone to every game this year as a student and been encouraging my friends to show up, so we’ve been growing very slightly. It ain’t much, but hopefully as we continue to win more will show!
  11. pittkesh99

    When does Pastner feel heat

    The good news is, as mentioned earlier, the schedule gets way easier after Duke, and we could realistically end the year 5-5…But even that would give us the worst 2 year stretch a single GT Basketball coach has had since Dwayne Morrison’s last two years in the early 80s (And essentially tied...
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    NC State Game @ McCamish

    As a student I’ll say the team just being garbage is one of the reasons, the other being the lack of promotions to entice students to come. I mean would you rather spend your night partying with friends, studying for classes or exams so you can enjoy your weekend, or come watch a horrible...
  13. pittkesh99

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I’m not as concerned about the Key hire as more of how this looks on us. It is clearly obvious that Key was not our first or second choice, cause he would have been named much earlier. Additionally naming him after a loss to u[sic]GA, rather than a crazy win against UNC (if he was our choice) is...
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    GT Vollebees

    Marquette, Minnesota, Ohio State, and Texas are the first 2 round hosts…On to Milwaukee
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    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Considering the transfer portal opens December 5th, I’d anticipate the new coach being hired by then, because we kinda need to. With how tight-lipped it seems J Batt and the rest of Athletics is about this search (which is good!) I’m kinda iffy on listening to any rumors and am just waiting in...
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    Bowl possibilities

    For reference, for us to make a bowl game with a loss to u[sic]GA, only 2 of the following can happen (If at least 3 of the following happen, we do not get a bowl invite): Iowa State beats TCU FAU beats Western Kentucky UAB beats Louisiana Tech UTEP beats UTSA Army beats UMASS or Navy New Mexico...
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    Week 9 #GTvsFSU Media

    This is not what we meant when we asked to bring the triple option back
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    Or it could be announcing a new fundraising initiative and the exciting opportunity to give GT Athletics more money
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    Cumulative PFF Scores (through Week 6)

    Seems awfully close to me
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    Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    Fun fact, Neville is actually taking classes at GT, so he’s technically a student here 😉. But from what I’ve heard from people that have worked with him is he super competent at his job and super friendly…Doesn’t mean much but could be good to be a bridge to our next AD.