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  1. IronJacket7

    Only off topic coversations!

    We need someone in the likes of a Bud Foster or John Tenuta.
  2. IronJacket7

    12/5 - MBB vs U(sic)GA

    Absolutely horrible effort
  3. IronJacket7

    New ACC Schedule Format Reveal

    Why don't we or UNC get to play one of the three new teams? smh
  4. IronJacket7

    The Swarm Site

    I particularly like these White and Gold colors.
  5. IronJacket7

    Boston College Post Game Thread

    Make it stop
  6. IronJacket7

    Help keep this article up on Wikipedia.

    We are 3-3. I say let it go. If that was us in their position we would want to move on.
  7. IronJacket7

    Ok lets see who is honest.

    I left it on the entire time. I was watching in awe as they ran the ball the last 3 times instead of taking a knee. The running back from UM was devastated and he shouldn't be. That was all the coach's fault 100%. We stole this one.
  8. IronJacket7

    On to Miami

    I truly hate to say this but I have zero confidence in a W this week. The fact that we lost to BG is not what has me scratching my head still. It is the fact that we got completely man handled by them. I'm not buying the black uni bit. Something beneath the surface of this team still exists...
  9. IronJacket7

    Where do we go from here?

    Maybe instead of CBK telling them they are a good team he should instead tell them they are just simply not a good team and that they have not accomplished anything in 5 years as a program...? I know that sounds negative but it seems to have created a false assurance and building them up...
  10. IronJacket7

    Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    I'm still trying to process this... We got completely man-handled by bowling orange...
  11. IronJacket7

    Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    Even Bill Lewis had two 5 win seasons. We are in the dark ages of gt football. CPJ laughing at us too.
  12. IronJacket7

    Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    When does basketball start 🤔
  13. IronJacket7

    Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    How do you "overlook" any team when you are 2-2 ?
  14. IronJacket7

    Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    I did. We barely lost. We got owned today. By an inferior team.
  15. IronJacket7

    Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    Worst game ever
  16. IronJacket7

    Pack The Dodd

    We will be there. 6 in section 225.
  17. IronJacket7

    Pack The Dodd

    If our fanbase would sellout the stadium every home game regardless of W's and L's then you would see a program that you never thought possible. We are our biggest problem.
  18. IronJacket7

    Pack The Dodd

    The lack of support from our fanbase at home games is a direct link to many L's in the history of our team, IMO. Poor showing by our fanbase through the years has had a huge impact on recruiting, the mental attitude of players and coaches themselves, and many other areas. If we want to be a...
  19. IronJacket7

    Game 4 #GTvsWF Postgame

    If the defense plays like that the rest of the season we will win 8 or 9 games.
  20. IronJacket7

    Game 4 #GTvsWF Postgame

    Great job by Thacker and staff to get our defense back to form.