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  1. PearidgeRambler


    was thinking a paper bag is in order. Go Jackets!
  2. PearidgeRambler

    Tech vs Louisville

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a team make a 20-0 run, and lose by 10. Strange how our last game was a summary of this season. Appreciate Usher & Devoe for their efforts. Cheers to them both.
  3. PearidgeRambler

    GT fans

    Right on, Usher. Jordan has been a joy to watch develop, & play. He is exactly what should be looked for in a young man. Cheers to you & your Family. Thank you all for being great people. P.S. - to hell with georgia, & the punks that talk sh!t about GT.
  4. PearidgeRambler

    Ticket Exchange

    Looking for 1, for my daughter, to the VT game. Doesn't matter where it is located. Just trying to get her in (5yrs old). thanks, Kenneth
  5. PearidgeRambler

    Ticket exchange

    Willing to take a shower and put on a clean (GT) shirt, and cheer for the white&gold. Because hey, who doesn't enjoy watching a good wreck? Willing to listen to offers. Please no lowballers. Six78-six99-six910. Thanks
  6. PearidgeRambler

    Article UVA Game

    Offensive rebounds and turnovers. Other than that, not bad
  7. PearidgeRambler

    1/13/2018 - GT @ Pitt

    Must win for the white & gold today. Looking forward to continued team growth. This group, since last year, has been a treat to root for. Up's and down's for sure, but competitive. This year has the potential to be a wrecking ball for other acc teams. I'll drink to that....
  8. PearidgeRambler

    rv parking for basketsball games

    is this allowed? if so, where would be the best fit? Have friends coming into town for the VaTech game, and thought it might be fun to have a place to hang before hand. thanks for any help.