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  1. Spring Training 2021

    Are any of the other 2020 OL class members pushing for playing time yet?
  2. No athletics activities on Election Day

    I think the voting disaster today in Atlanta should be enough that everyone should be on the side of giving SA (and I think the whole student body) the day off to vote in November. While it shouldn't take all day to vote, issues seem to continue to arise and cause long lines, especially in...
  3. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Coach P getting skunked twice, even with a crab o-line and a lackluster qb makes it hard to defend keeping him around.
  4. Spain trip

    Just skip to the second half if you watch the replay of the 4th game 1st half was rough, but played really well in the second half
  5. Spain trip

    Does anyone know if these are these closed games or open to the public?

    Is there going to be a way to watch or get up dates for those that cannot make the game?
  7. Yomanser's Recruiting Roundup - 2/6/19 First Edition Analysis

    So....when are we getting part 2? :)
  8. Recruiting.

    Because High School is free and College cost a fortune.
  9. Potential Head Coach Hires

    WHo do we think would be the OC if we hire Collins? Because i really don't want who he has had at Temple after watching some replays
  10. Vote: Should Georgia Tech Continue the "Option"?

    There needs to be more choices, because the option is run so many different ways. If you mean exclusively running plays as we have been then no. but if you mean RPOs or something that has some reasonable level of the passing game then sure. But I voted no because I understood the question as...
  11. Preseason Depth Chart

    I was expecting Defoor to be listed in the two deep, where are we expecting him to be on the Oline?
  12. Who is your Favorite Tech Player

    Calvin Johnson and Isma'il Muhammad. They both had the most amazing highlights. Calvin's myriad of receptions and Isma'il's dunk over the NCST center still my favorite moment from GTMBB.
  13. GT under Pastner vs GT under Gregory?

    I remember hearing the stat that we are 18-0 when leading with 5 mins to go in the game this year, I wonder what Gregory's winning percentage was when leading with 5 mins to go. I honestly don't know I just remember losing so many close games where it felt like we fell apart at the end and I...
  14. Would you rather…

    Big Dance and lose because it meant that we had a better season overall. We would have probably needed 20 wins to get into the tourney, which we have just now gotten 3 games into the NIT
  15. GT @ Ole Miss

    He said it at least twice, I remember hearing it in the last half of the 1st half and first third of the 2nd half
  16. ACC Discussion

    Down to one team in the Big Dance. Not a great look for the "best basketball conference in America."
  17. Coaching Carousel 2 - A New Dawn

    This made me laugh, so I thought I'd share.
  18. Atlanta United FC

    This will sadly be the most home team fans that I've ever seen in Bobby Dodd.
  19. Why do we stay with Russell Athletic?

    Don't be ridiculous it is not all it takes. But it is a factor that has to be considered.