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  1. Bobby Dodd Renovation in the NE Stands

    OMG it’s not SYMMETRICAL!
  2. Conference Realignment

  3. Conference Realignment

    Agree… the FSU / BIG connection seems like a ploy. Wonder what FSU does if they win (buy) their freedom and the SEC doesn’t bite?
  4. Conference Realignment

    I think we’re in a unique spot. we aren’t terribly valuable to the SEC…. Unless we’re valuable to the BIG. If the BIG has no interest, I think the SEC would be content to let us flounder. Hopefully we are lobbying hard for the BIG and hopefully they still see all of the attributes that got us...
  5. Conference Realignment

    Interesting notion, but I’m not sure what it achieves. There is certainly a big margin of error in SOS rankings, as it is all based on speculation as to how good your future opponents will be. Seems to me EOS doesn’t serve to lessen that margin of error, as it adds a second speculative factor...
  6. Conference Realignment

  7. Danny Hall question

    I didn’t make that clear, but I think that’s the way it should be…. For him, at least. We can have a shorter rope with the next guy, but at this point Hall should leave on his terms. I just hope all parties are keeping the best for GT in the forefront of the decisions they’re making.
  8. Danny Hall question

    Admittedly, I am an arms length baseball fan. As a student in the 90s, I was on the hill all the time… not a better afternoon to be had… but I have only attended a handful of games since. I see / hear / understand all of the Hall issues, but I hope he makes his intentions known so we can plan...
  9. Conference Realignment

    Fixed that for you… er maybe for me. BIG is an absolute no-brainer at this point. SEC not as appealing to me but still no hesitation if the opportunity comes. I would have to see eminent full scale implosion of the ACC before I get excited about going anywhere else….But who knows what the...
  10. Conference Realignment

    The only truly protected class IS the Federal Government. Various other groups are offered inclusion depending upon what the Fed Govt desires (or anticipates it requires) protection from. But we digress…
  11. Conference Realignment

    Right with you in the BIG. WRT timing? “Enough votes” is 15/15… a pretty high bar. Even if you subscribe to the dissolve the conference theory, you need 12/15 votes… still a high bar…. And in a few months you need 14/18. There just aren’t enough landing spots to blow it up, and I am skeptical...
  12. Conference Realignment

    We find ourselves top 10 in SOS again… seems we’ve been here quite often. This year our ACC slate (aside from missing Clemson) includes the projected top half of the conference and we get UGA and ND to boot. Would the schedule in the Big Ten be that much tougher? I think MAYBE there are fewer...
  13. Conference Realignment

    This sounds like just the sort of plausible deniability they’ll call up if the data spits out a result they don’t like in December…. ;)
  14. Conference Realignment

    So GT is the only “non-SEC” team in the top 10 and the only team in the top 25 from outside the BIG or SEC…. Fits the narrative
  15. House vs. NCAA

    My son is buying proprietary online resources now. The university offers similar systems / resources “free of charge” but the professor requires them to use something else. Wonder why that is? The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  16. Offseason Media 2024

    You’re right, of course…but… We’ve bit***d non stop about the SEC preseason hype machine… now is our chance to take advantage. I’d like to see them preseason #1 before we get them. ;)
  17. House vs. NCAA

    Yeah… I hear you. To me, It feels “symbolic.” It lets them say they have a “cap” so they can continue the perception of competition / equality without really addressing anything.
  18. House vs. NCAA

    That’s a great point… and you’re right. It’s a limitation of liability for the top schools, which I honestly hadn’t considered…. But it all fits… it’s not about competition, it’s about keeping the rich rich
  19. House vs. NCAA

    Interesting… still seems that relatively few P5 schools could reach this level. Though It’s quite possible I am naive too…
  20. House vs. NCAA

    $21M doesn’t feel like much of a cap! :D Aren’t there only a handful of schools generating revenue over $200m? That “cap” is nearly 10% of the richest schools’ total revenue. It’s probably more than the TOTAL revenue of a LOT of D1 schools. Am I thinking wrong here? I’m thinking all of...