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  1. Jackets Travel to Louisville, 2/10/2024, MBB

    Yea when they were going on that end of game run I didn’t really understand why he waited until it was 18-2 run before he called a timeout… like settle it down earlier than that please
  2. 2023 Coaching Carousel

    Money on Dan Lanning. The worst part about this is without Saban... Kirby and UGA are going to have a lot less competition in recruiting and on the field. I could see a world in which Kirby actually catches Saban in national titles as the NIL era greatly favors a program like UGA. I wouldn't...
  3. Conference Realignment

    Can’t tell if thread is conference realignment or cornbread realignment
  4. Conference Realignment

    Its BR, so who knows on its accuracy but... Report: SEC Has 'More Opposition Than Interest' in Adding FSU, Miami, Clemson If that is accurate, then that would leave FSU with big 10 or bust
  5. CFP Discussion

    Liberty with the nations worst strength of schedule gets new years six over SMU. Apparently being undefeated does matter… but only when it’s convenient. Poor SMU getting the ACC end of the stick already. Media outlets were starting to leak SMU and got it wrong.
  6. CFP Discussion

    Not just that the ACC was 6-4 vs the SEC this year with 2 of their wins coming vs us with our first year head coach. Acc I think was 10-9 vs OOC power 5. In previous year the media always went nuts with OOC records when the SEC thrashed everyone bc it’s a better measure than some on how good a...
  7. 12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    I know we have 2 losses but cincy is undefeated and we have back to back wins over ranked opponents… outside chance of a ranking?
  8. Bowl Game Question

    I had seen a lot of pinstripe predictions leading up to the cuse game. Athlon sports keeps saying Gasparilla bowl in Tamp which would be awesome. They’ve said vs Auburn or florida. Im hoping Athlon is right.
  9. UMass Lowell

    I feel like our FT shooting has been subpar for a while now but these first 3 games have been pretty bad. Think we might be ~60%
  10. Game 8 #UNCvsGT Postgame

    Few last notes. 1. As everyone keeps pointing out our pattern… would gladly take the BG BC and UVA losses if it meant ruining UGAs season. 2. Ifs and buts and all that jazz but if we had won BG and BC like we thought and held our lead vs UL we are 7-1. Should have lost Miami I get it but I...
  11. Game 8 #UNCvsGT Postgame

    After tonight, I was thinking I feel like in general Bobby Dodd at night we win. So I decided to go back to the start of 2008 just to see. Bobby Dodd night games CPJ 12-5 , 4-2 vs ranked 3-2 vs Top 10 Collins 3-4 (he was 1-1 vs ranked at MBS for what it’s worth but only looking at Bobby...
  12. Louisville Post Game

    Said this in another thread but the part that hurt/confused me was after our 1st down pass play to the 19 still up 28-23 we went for 3 consecutive runs and the missed FG. It was a weird time to go so conservative when our rushing hadn’t seen much room in the 2nd half. Played for the FG vs...
  13. Game 1 Key Decisions

    For me personally the one that hurt was after our big first down to get to the 19 early in the 4th leading 28-23. We then play for a FG(which we missed) 3 straight run plays each giving us a yard. We had some good momentum on that drive and should have continued passing to try and get the TD. We...
  14. Bracket Busting

    Just poor awareness by Clark… had a timeout to get out of trouble.
  15. IF Pastner is fired, who would be a good hire to replace him?

    Came here to say charges dropped let’s get this man on the cheap.
  16. When does Pastner feel heat

    You’re right. We need more.

    If we lose to a 2 win team we better USC/ASU this.
  18. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I just need to know who we hire so I know who to complain about before anything has happened.
  19. ACC 2022-2023

    All 3 of their losses by 1 point. That is rough.
  20. Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    Thought Xavier might stick with him after his NIT run.