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  1. Baye Declares for NBA; Retaining Eligibility

    He played today; I watched part of the game on YouTube. Was not the best center on their team, the guy from Florida State was
  2. Building an Offensive Line

    CBK wanted the opposite approach.
  3. My way too early, possibly problematic look at potential GT Hoops roster management

    In the limited tape I have seen; Kirouac has a back to the basket type game so I would put him at the 5.
  4. Coaching Carousel 9 - People die climbing mountains

    I seem to recall St. Johns was after Hewitt during the final four run in 2004. He did not get fired for another seven seasons. Did they offer again around 2010?
  5. Conference Realignment

    I think you need to do some research on Dave Ramsey before you quote him. He got his start on Nashville local radio after he went bankrupt as a real estate developer. He based his financial peace university stich on a single line from the bible; "neither a borrower nor lender be". Now he did...
  6. Conference Realignment

    The expert in this video seems to ignor the fact the NC legislature has joined UNC and NCST at the hip. I believe one cannot leave without the other.
  7. President Cabrera's Newsletter March 2024

    Has a Those were around North Avenue when I was in school. (1969)
  8. Conference Realignment

    That is a big nothing burger. The clause he speaks about is to keep a school who no longer has the best interests of the ACC from voting on ACC business. Simple as that.
  9. In-Season NIL Tournament Coming to College Basketball Next Year

    Deadspin laid off their entire staff yesterday.
  10. Coaching Carousel 9 - People die climbing mountains

    Thats an hour of my time I wont get back.
  11. Fox, Warner and ESPN Team Up to Create Sports-Streaming Platform

    I saw a blurb on Fox News that said start up is planned for this fall.
  12. Fox, Warner and ESPN Team Up to Create Sports-Streaming Platform

    There is an article on the Wall Street Journal about this. It is behind a paywall and it is marked as an exclusive so I am not sure if it is available to the general public. The article has more questions than answers but it says the channel/app will be available as a stand alone and on ESPN+...
  13. Conference Realignment

    The big difference in the B12/Texas and Oklahoma is the TV deal had only two years left and the schools bought out the rights for the last year. For a very large fee.
  14. RIP Aubbie HoF WR Terry Beasley (Links)

    Before much was known about the effects of the concussions and other head hits; Beasley was suspected of having a mental illness. It was later learned that the scar tissue on the brain was causing his erratic actions.
  15. 2023 Coaching Carousel

    He wants to leave it all on the field.
  16. 1/16 - MBB vs. Clemson

    Ayers is a poser. When he points his hand to show whose ball it is; he uses all four fingers arched out like a gastroenterologist trying to make his job interesting. He is a drama queen just like Teddy V. Normal is like the first picture. Ayers is more like the second, "hand of God".
  17. 1/16 - MBB vs. Clemson

    Like the time she said with 12 seconds left that GT did not need a 3; just before NG sunk a 3 with 2 seconds left.
  18. Haynes Kings needs to develop _____ during the offseason take the next step as a QB?

    I have not read the whole thread but has anyone mentioned the ability to ignore message boards.