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  1. Recruiting Budget

    I heard the basketball team currently had $2mil for NIL. I was shocked and would not believe it if it had not been a source who should know. Bob THWg
  2. Virginia NIL Law

    No, they can be TAs, RAs or work in the library. They cannot work outside the University except by applying for Practical Training, which is granted by the Department if approved by upper administration - it is only for work related to their degree.
  3. Virginia NIL Law

    A new Virginia law forbids the NCAA from punishing colleges that directly pay NIL to athletes. This could affect international player as that can accept jobs at the university. If the law works, Virginia has a huge advantage (if they have the $$) and other states will surely follow. Another...
  4. 20 years ago

    "I guess the memory is the first thing to go when age hits. Thank you" No, second thing.
  5. Kyle Sturdivant says goodbye to Georgia Tech

    Great guy - I (and the team) will miss him next year.
  6. Defending the post

    When Ndongo has a small chance of stopping a score when a big gets the ball down low, the only thing you can do is try to stop the big from getting the ball. Last night I was hoping he would front the big since I don't think they could throw over Ndongo. The big may shove him out of the way...
  7. 12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    When was the last time we started freshmen at 1 and 4? Seems to me it was Price and Salley and they turned the program around. George isn't the shooter Price was, but NDongo is a better scorer than Salley. Maybe the results will be similar. Bob THWg and FDuke
  8. Is this REALLY true?

    I thought the School of Commerce became Ga State? Bob THWg
  9. Favorite u(sic)ga Jokes?

    uga fan meets a Bama fan walking down the road carrying a sack. uga: "Whatcha got in the sack? Bama: "Chickens. uga: If I can guess how many will you give me one? Bama: "If you guess right I'll give you both of them. uga: "THREE!
  10. Favorite COFH win/moment?

    In 1969 I had a Mutt at work that was always mouthing off. He wanted to bet on the game and asked how many points I wanted - I said none. He looked at me like I was stupid. At the last minute a friend invited me to the game. As we were walking out of the stadium I ran into the Mutt from...
  11. Early Non Conference Grades

    Maybe CDS is playing for the future;; let the younguns play to get experience because Terry, Kelly and Sturdivant wont be here next year. May be a good long term move, but it will suck this year. Bob THWg
  12. UMass Lowell

    I don't think any of our players are quick enough to stay in front of their man. They consistently get beat and the inside help just fouls and creates an and 1 situation. Same thing happened last year on the few times we played man. Pastner played primarily zone for a reason. I don't know how...
  13. 2023-24 Predictions

    I too remember your team well. Yunkus is my all time favorite player. Y'all were fun to watch. Hyder had some good teams; I also liked the early sixties teams with Craddock and Caldwell. Bob THWG
  14. 2022-23 GTWBB

    I saw some bad things from profs with women students. one kept telling her she didn't belong and was taking the bread out of some families mouth. I have a lot of respect for those women.
  15. 2022-23 GTWBB

    Did you start in the early fifties? :) I started in 1964 and there were about 75 female students; about 50 in the freshman class. I also had classes with a couple of American black students and there were a small number of international blacks. I think the Women's basketball team started...
  16. Bill Curry and his move to Bama

    Bama fans blamed Curry for letting it happen. The week before the first Bama game at Auburn was crazy. Tailgaters started arriving Monday and were all over campus. Booze was everywhere. An alum even brought a six pack of beer to my office; he knew me well :) . Tiger Walk was absolute...
  17. RIP GT MBB HoFer "Big Jim" Caldwell (Link)

    It was always fun to see him (6'11") and R D Craddock (maybe 5'10") walking around campus together. One of my favorite teams.
  18. 2023-2024 ROSTER???

    I think how they play defense will have a big effect on minutes.
  19. Damon Stoudamire

    Wow, I did not look at any of the Tech programs - 30 hours sure helps. Do they have 10 courses like Ceramics 208 to take? At the schools I was at (except Tech and Naval Postgraduate School) there were hundreds of easy courses to take. Bob