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  1. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters, it is Gameday! The long drought is over, post-season football is back! It is hard to believe that the regular season has been over for nearly a month and the off season is at hand. It seems that it was only a short while ago that we were getting ready to play in the...
  2. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! They call it Clean Old Fashioned Hate. For those in White and Gold the hate burns bright, all the time. For those in red, well they like to pretend that they no longer consider GT a rival - until they lose. So do your part; get up and get your gold on...
  3. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! It is hard to believe but here we are at the penultimate game of the regular season. Where did the time go? I've got great news! You have all day to get yourself out to Grant Field. Lazy breakfast? Check. Lunch at the club? Check. Time to stop off at...
  4. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Get up and get your gold on. If your are heading northeast to brave the elements you need to get a move on as we have the early slot today. If you are staying home you can relax and do some inside chores because in a first for this season, the weather here...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! The Brave and Bold are taking it on the road today, up to Charlottsville to take on the Cavs. If you are on your way or already there then you, bless you. For that is an inhospitable place, low the last 30 years or so. That and the progression the Jackets...
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    Gofundme to hire a new DJ

    Still a lot of music being played over the band. It's like they can't communicate or something and I find that to be ridiculous.
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today is going to be a beautiful day. You can get up super early and begin your day with the Freshman Cake Race followed by the Ramblin' Wreck Parade and head back to your tailgate for a nap. Then you can start your tailgate for real and prepare yourself...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! If you liked the ATL weather two weeks ago, well today it's gonna be even better. Everything else is the opposite: This time the game is here on the Flats and you've got not time to dawdle because we have our first nooner of the season today. Two teams...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today is going to be a great football weather day. Too bad it's an away game and the Brave and Bold will be dodging thunderstorms during a warm evening in that southern Florida paradise known as Miami Gardens. Enjoy yourself. Do something fun. Spend some...
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    I took a beer through the Student Center last game. Lol Wouldn't be much of a party without alcohol.
  11. ClydeBrick

    2023 GT Football Ticket Exchange

    Don't know if it has changed for this year but going through the North side has worked in the past..
  12. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Here we are at the end of September and we haven't had a nooner all season - maybe there was something to the whole CPJ wanted to play early thing. (Yeah, technically SC State was at 1PM, but it din't work out that way. A great day for tailgating is on tap...
  13. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Get up and get your gold on and head out to your Saturday activities. Here in the ATL it is going to be a beautiful day. Or stay home and put something in the smoker. Ice down your favorite beverages. You have some time today. Two weeks in a row with the...
  14. ClydeBrick


    Brothers and sisters, it is Gameday! On a day that should (last week reminded me that those Weather channel guys are about as on point as Finebaum) have perfect weather hear at home for an away game. Unless you are travelling this morning to the place that the Jackets (and most of the Old...
  15. ClydeBrick

    New Edge Building Rendering

    Bricks. I guess ol' Clyde Robbinson still has influence.
  16. ClydeBrick

    GT vs #17 Ole Miss GAME THREAD

    Wait. What this thread? :p
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    What used to be in Calloway Plaza was done on North Ave in front on Wardlaw except now with cornhole. The part with the music was well attended by security: There was a players parents tailgate and a huge paid or invite only (possibly recruits) tailgate on the lawn in front of the Tech...
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    Well the weather guys blew the forecast. Lightning delay underway
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