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  1. GTFan62

    Our defense is awful...

    I watch the Alabama defense be aggressive. They attack the opposing offense, our guys sit back and wait for the game to come to them. Mercer was allowed too many 3rd down conversions. It was frustrating to watch.
  2. GTFan62

    92.9 the game

    I can't stand Buck Belue. His radio presence is pitiful.
  3. GTFan62

    92.9 the game

    Chuck Oliver is more objective than Matt Chernoff. His Southern Football show is usually rerun at 7:00 pm and has good information. I guess that is done right now due to Braves broadcasting.
  4. GTFan62

    Junior Gnonkonde

    I thought academic issues was the reason GT withdrew his scholarship that year.
  5. GTFan62

    Marco Rubio Showing Some GT Love

    That is awesome! Being from Miami he understands ACC.
  6. GTFan62

    Player Praise Thread

    Adam Gotsis will be missed. He was a beast. He always had a smile on his face. I hope for quick healing for him and look forward to watching him play on Sunday's.
  7. GTFan62

    FSU Postgame

    I can't wait to hear our local 680 radio guys eat crow. They never gave us a chance.
  8. GTFan62

    ACC Games Today (24 Oct)

    At least we could score on Clemson. Miami is awful. Kaaya is out with a concussion.
  9. GTFan62

    Good News

    I just read per AJC that Broderick Snoddy is probably expected back this week. This is good news. He has been missed.
  10. GTFan62

    My collected thoughts...

    Why wouldn't CPJ use Matthew Jordan in the goal line situation? He is definitely taller and bigger than Justin. A longer body might have been more effective.
  11. GTFan62

    Notre Dame Postgame

    It seemed like Justin was trying to make all the plays, especially in the 2nd half. No hand offs to Skov.
  12. GTFan62

    New your advice.

    I like to park in the deck behind the BP on Spring Street. It costs $20 but so easy to hit the interstate and head home. Very little traffic hold ups. There is usually a police office letting people out of the parking deck.
  13. GTFan62

    960 The Ref

    Today on 680 The Fan Steak Shapiro wanted people to call in with their worst sports moments. One UGA fan called in and said his was Mark Richt calling for the squib kick in the game against Tech. He was at the game and knew it was a bad call. It's been so much fun hearing these people suffer.
  14. GTFan62

    960 The Ref

  15. GTFan62

    GT@UGA on 3/31

    The SEC announcers were pretty bad. At one point they called us the Tigers then had to correct themselves.
  16. GTFan62

    UVA Game Thread

    MBob should do what USC did to Lane Kiffin, meet him when he gets off the plane.
  17. GTFan62

    UVA Game Thread

    UVA does a good job double teaming at the post. We can't get good shots. Stephens and Bolden miss every time from the field.
  18. GTFan62

    Blue Game Jerseys

    We wore the blue jerseys for the Sun Bowl as well.
  19. GTFan62

    You know what I like about this NC title game?

    Musberger got on my last nerve calling our game. He just seems so weird. Funny how both of these teams run an option running game
  20. GTFan62

    Post Season Musings

    I hope we can recreate this team chemistry again. It has been special.