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    Who's next???

    I would love for us to play 10 guys per game similar to FSU. We will have the players to do so now.
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    Who's next???

    Moses will take the longest to decide. I think he waits until the last possibly day to decide. Michael will decide once he hears from the NBA in the next week or two. I think with Jose having a child he may look overseas. He will already have his Ga Tech degree. If the NBA doesn't work for...
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    9.5 favorite over Wake

    I really wish we could have those first two games back and we could be 8-1 and 2-1 ACC... Dang it.
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    Gameday — Mercer (men at 8 PM,

    I want to see us go deep into the bench. I also hope that Moore is back tonight from his injury. We should be playing 10-12 players deep in this game. The one thing I have always disliked about CJP is his short bench.
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    PG Kyle Sturdivant Transfers to GT

    I wasn't talking about this particular player. Just players from GA whom wish to leave the state when selecting schools.
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    PG Kyle Sturdivant Transfers to GT

    I think a lot of kids really wanna move away from home. But then when things don't go their way they tuck their tail and head back home.
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    Turnover Cruzer

    Maybe just maybe... The tires being red and black resembles treading on uga every time we create a turnover.
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    Adidas Swag watch 2018

    Thanks for the link. I went ahead and grabbed me one. I was looking for another piece to add to the closet.
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    Article Jackets to Host Prairie View A&M Friday Afternoon

    I truly hope that Phillips shot and overall game starts to get on track. I would think a game like tonight could get him going. CGB definitely can light up the basket along with Devoe and Jose against this competition. I would like to see Moore a little more in this game. I love his athleticism...
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    Other Games -- welcome to week #1

    USF game is on ESPN3
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    Who are Woody's Top candidates for D line coach?

    Thanks because it got really quiet after Coach Woody press conference and just had not heard anything else about it.
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    Who are Woody's Top candidates for D line coach?

    Any word on the next defensive line coach yet? This is the last coach to fill out the coaching staff correct?
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    LeBarrie suspended indefinitely?

    The Cheetah???
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    Article Georgia Tech vs Wright State

    We look like what we were told we were going to be last year. 0-18 in conference play looks real right now. That's sad.
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    Bethune Cookman game thread

    Moore is struggling. Alston great when going to basket. Lammers doing what Lammers does.
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    11/2 Faulkner Game Thread

    Ok. Thanks! So hopefully we get Sly and Alston back soon. And then get Josh and Tadric back a little bit after that. I think once we have all our pieces in place and we avoid the injury bug this can be a decent year with all the freshmen growing throughout the year.
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    11/2 Faulkner Game Thread

    I just realized Ogbonda didn't play last night. Was there a reason why he didn't play? Is he hurt or something? Just trying to see did I miss news about him.
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    2017-18 Starting lineup/rotation

    Abdoulaye Gueye
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    Why do we stay with Russell Athletic?

    I called Adidas a few months ago. It was the only company that truly made sense.