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  1. Former GT player Ricardo Wimbush may be in deep doo-doo.

    He has been charged with cruelty to children and false imprisonment in Gwinnett County Ga.
  2. New GT Assistant AD

    Welcome aboard Mr. Portland!
  3. #85

    Didn't Jimmy Robinson wear #85 ? Wish we could bring him to GT as a wide receivers coach...
  4. #88

    Who is #18, looks like he is just a
  5. is it time Auburn & Tech renew their rivalry

    And, on a regular basis playing this schedule, how many average # of wins per season do you expect?
  6. Top 5 Favorite GT football players of all time.

    Doesn't anyone remember watching Lucius Sanford play? Too little, and too slow, whatever, but on the field, pound-for-pound, Smylie Gebhart was one of the best football players I have ever seen. And what a guy, friend of mine. RIP Smylie!
  7. Hits and Misses

    Where does Lucius Sanford fit it? One of my ATF GT players.
  8. Vad Lee Update

    His receivers did make him look well today...
  9. Miami QB suffers major injury

    Sorry for the kid first of all. A major injury like this can destroy a football team. It can also motivate them....
  10. Justin Thomas update

    Seems to me that we have tried Days at QB before, and it didn't work then. Days is turning into a real blocking stud, but he is not the answer to our QB position.
  11. Nick Chubb vs Travis Custis who would you rather have

    I hear ya, but the GT fan base needs what ever they can get to excite them!
  12. Record when scoring 30+ 25+, and 20+ points

    Please tell me what I am reading wrong? Taken directly from Post #1 in this thread... 30+ points 290-15-1 all-time 37-6 under PJ 253-9-1 under all other coaches Tells me that when we score 30+ we have won 290 games? 25+ points 375-33-1 all-time 40-11...
  13. Swinney signs 8 year contract.

    I can think of several ACC programs who would LOVE to have their schools in a similar position as Dabo has put Clemson in. GT included....
  14. Nice article about Bebe

    too much trouble to go to just to read an article...
  15. Ken Whisenhunt

    CONGRATS to Coach Ken! New HC of the Tennessee Titans. I was pulling for him to go to Detroit and coach Megatron. I realize that Ken would likely never come back here to GT, but wouldn't it be just too cool to have Ken Whisenhunt as our HC, George Godsey as our OC, and Ted Roof as our DC ???
  16. Vad Lee - James Madison University

    Best of luck to Vad, but he had better get in shape to run 80-90 plays a game, from what I see he gets gassed too easily.
  17. Was Vad Injured?

    Stepping out of bounds CAN be a smart thing to do. When there is no chance of picking up any more yardage, save taking that hit for another time... AND... Think about how many times a player steps out of bounds, and still draws a major penalty and first down.
  18. Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    So many times Vad seemed to be totally gassed before the game was even over, so he still needs to work on his conditioning. And after two sessions (iirc) with Whitfield I would have expected for lackings in his passing to be addressed (like footwork, passing off back foot). How long does it...
  19. Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    Not with our OL blocking. But after Vad going to Whitfield twice (iirc), I would have expected him to correct some of his issues as a passer. Vad is a great kid, just not cut out to be in the position he is in, where he is in it. Would love to see him go to Duke and succeed.
  20. What does Paul Johnson Bring to the Table?

    Another thing I have noticed... In watching all the teams who now run some variation of the option we run, MOST of them seem so much more up-tempo, crisp, and few as predictable as ours is. Seems so easy to tell what play will be run, and we get stopped more and more. Ours seems so slow...