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  1. Chick-fil-A Kickoff Postgame Discussion

    Too many pages to go back, and i will rewatch to confirm, but the initial poster was correct that we didnt run any 3O last night. It shouldnt be surprising though as jt and vad didnt run any there first couple games either. Its such a tough play to execute, and pj can typically guess correctly...
  2. Chick-fil-A Kickoff Postgame Discussion

    If I thought Tenn was halfway decent i would agree with you. But i think UNC, VT, clemson, Miami, and UGA are all better than the team we played last night. Dont get me wrong, i think we will score a lot of points this year, but so will the teams we play. Without looking at the stats, my guess...
  3. Chick-fil-A Kickoff Postgame Discussion

    Hopefully this is Roof's last year and we can turn a corner next year w marshall and benson. We will never better than 3 to 6 loss seasons and no acc champ until he is replaced.
  4. GT vs UT prediction

    24-14 good guys.
  5. Predict the things you might say during UT game...

    - thank goodness UT doesnt have a coach. - with so many upperclassmen why are we still running a high school defense. - i like how our d is ready for a quick punt on every play - cpj is still the man. Gets it done year in and year out. - these announcers suck. The lack of pre game homework...
  6. Jonesing for some updates from practice

    As long as there is no second guessing by qb.
  7. 2017 Regular Season Predictions

    12-0 here and Benson runs for > 1000 yards. Really like him if he can stay healthy. Also expect ok play from qb and inprovements on D.
  8. Spring game 2016

    I agree with you to an extent, but I think that criticism could be made for a lot of teams spring games, you could even say that about our offense. I also agree that the D generally looks better than the O at tech's spring games. And I am not trying to persuade what you saw or even be in a...
  9. Spring game 2016

    For everyone that didn't make the game, I left optimistic for next year. I have seen a lot of pessimistic posts about the spring game from people that appear to have forgotten that it is a practice and the only goal is to have zero injuries, which we were successful at. Further Several people...
  10. spring game roll call!

    I'll be there.
  11. Spring Game 2016: What are you looking forward to seeing?

    D Rob. Hijacked the thread with 4 letters.
  12. Opinion question about the Georgia Tech quarterback situation 2017

    While I don't disagree about some of the current staff, the question I would pose in response is would TM the QB, in this offense, better benefit from starting a year at AB or spending the fall as the scout team QB? My person opinion would be the former. (Freshman PT doesn't count because he...
  13. Spring Game 2016: What are you looking forward to seeing?

    A clean football game with plenty of hard hitting on both sides of the football. By clean I mean no fumbles, no blown assignments and people moving in the general direction they are suppose to go and putting themselves in a position to carry out their assignment. Icing on the cake would be a...
  14. Spring Practice 2016 News & Notes

    We didn't. Shaq and the skill positions dominated in 2014. Successfully running the dive and belly behind Shaq should not be confused with strong o line play.
  15. Spring Practice 2016 News & Notes

    Shamire isn't going to see the field at 386.
  16. GT Pro Day Central

    The o line showing at pro day pretty much sums up why we couldn't block anyone. I think most high school P-5 o-line prospects can put those numbers up.
  17. So what you think? Who plays as a freshmen?

    D Mills Adams Dolphus Braun