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  1. DallasBuzzFan

    680 has a breaking announcement coming up

    Just said a breaking announcement regarding Georgia Tech coach has been offered the job. After this commercial break. Who knows
  2. DallasBuzzFan

    Charles Kelly to Tennessee
  3. DallasBuzzFan

    A little more concerned

    I was about to post “Why can’t everyone relax?” Then I started looking at stats to back up what I thought was cause for optimism. My original thoughts were that we have basically always just plugged in people and kept on keeping on. But even last year with what we felt were almost unreplaceable...
  4. DallasBuzzFan

    ESPN.COM Question / Answer with CPJ

    Link - "We should get all our guys back, with the exception of probably Chris Griffin for the fall." So, is he out for 2015?
  5. DallasBuzzFan

    What concerns you most about the uga game?

    What concerns me most is our D-Line averages about 265-270 lbs against a VERY good uga O-Line averages around 300lbs. I am concerned that they can basically do what we do. Line up run the ball and dare us to try yo stop it. This could be the worlds shortest game. No passes and ball control on...
  6. DallasBuzzFan

    It's simple to see what needs to be corrected for 2014

    I'm sure our staff has looked at all of the stats to see where their issues for 2013 were. My guess is that they knew what most of the were prior to looking them up. I remember a few years ago the special teams stats were our worse stats. CPJ addressed that issue with both coaches and personnel...
  7. DallasBuzzFan

    Jeremy Pruitt to UGA?

    If what is being reported is true It's probably gonna get worse before it get better for Georgia Tech. Ugh
  8. DallasBuzzFan

    Replacing Seniors and vacated spots

    We watch our kids for 4-5 years and longer if you include scouting videos etc. We tend to value our talent more because of this. I have really been concerned thinking about having to replace all of the seniors that we have lost. When you look at it from a different prospective it changes a...