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  1. Golf team starting strong

    What is the format? Is it just 18 holes? For some reason I thought more than 18
  2. General News about Key and his Staff

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but my brother-in-law is best friends with Buster’s brother. He recently met Buster at his house and asked him how they got the Texas A&M QB to transfer to Tech. He said Stetson actually reached out to him and praised Buster as a coach and mentor without...
  3. GAMEDAY!!!!!

    Make that 2 70+ TD runs!
  4. GAMEDAY!!!!!

    Good day for former Tech players - Gibbs just exploded for a 72-yard TD. Jared Ivey causes fumble on last play of game to win it for Ole Miss
  5. US Amateur

  6. US Amateur

  7. US Amateur

    Do they not tee off until 7? I know that is when the coverage starts
  8. US Amateur

    Hard to watch. Not really
  9. US Amateur

    Hard to watch
  10. US Amateur

    Nope. All tied up
  11. Let’s talk...IMO this needs to happen...

    I think Clempson’s Chase Brice graduates in December. He would be great, but highly unlikely he even transfers
  12. The Citadel Postgame

    To hell with the Redshirt, time to play Yates
  13. USF Postgame #USFvsGT

    I love the fact we have very few seniors and really not a lot of Juniors. This along with some good recruiting classes looks encouraging
  14. NCAA denies waivers for Clayton, Ezzard; Sims granted immediate eligibility

    Love to see Sims intercept Lawrence and run one back
  15. Ogletree Wins US Amateur Championship

    How awesome! Great GT news!!
  16. Ogletree Wins US Amateur Championship

    Very true. Hope he can pull it off
  17. 2019 Draft - The Future is NOW

    Sorry, I have not read all the comments within this thread, but do we expect all the recruits to enroll?
  18. NCAA Golf

    Agree. Don’t all of the players return next year? Any good incoming freshman?