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  1. DTGT

    We *FELL* one spot in ESPN power rankings...

    What do you do if you are ranked number 1? To win the playoffs, you have to win AFTER people have already given you respect. Being able to stay focused when everyone thinks they will win is where you want the team to be. Champions win when they are favored to win... just sayin'...
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    Hokie's lunch pail

    So, the Hokie's brought a lunch pail to the ACC Media Days: Did the lunch pail have anything in it? Or was it empty and devoid of substance, like their Natty Case? Well, at least they held Wake...
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    I called it before the 2012 season (txted it to my VT BiL). Although, I thought a different QB would be leading the team to it...
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    wide receiver skills

    Priority list for GT WRs: 1) Smash DB 2) Smash S/LB 3) MOAR downfield Smashing 4) Catch ball Our prototypical WR based on these priorities is:
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    GaTech Win Total from the AJC

    If you are right about 08 and 09, that puts CPJ at 4 of 7 ATS. Amazing how much better the record looks when the record isn't cherry-picked...
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    An insult to JT and GT

    Yes. Full stop. However, when the committee does not count roughly a third of JT's yards & TDs...
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    2015 jerseys

    Regarding the recruits that pick somewhere else due to the uniform supplier... Let's imagine that you have several job offers and that they are all guaranteed 5 year contracts; however, one of them requires that every day you show up to work, you must wear a particular brand wool suit and all...
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    Athlon: Ranking the ACC's Football Coaching Jobs in 2015 (Expert Poll)

    Hard to win at Tech if you are a less than great coach blah blah blah...
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    Injury update

    Chute drill? How is that even possible???
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    JT Wears Gold...

    1. This is the same "tackle" that took Nesbit out of an uGA game. 2. This player injured another player in the same way in Duke's next game. 3. This tackle is done to injure key players without a penalty after the play is over. 4. Here is the same intent to injure in the pros the day after...
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    Georgia Tech player to transfer

    Only the coachable ones can see the benefit of redshirting. The ones that are more competitive (and less long-sighted) in nature will tend to want the earlier challenge and tend think that they are already good enough. When you are a true freshman, that senior year feels like it will never come.
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    What are we on offense?

    We are a smash mouth team that isn't dumb. We hit them hard where they are weak and where we have a numbers advantage.
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    Will GT win 10+ games next season?

    Yes. Next question, please.
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    Athlon's ACC Spring Preview

    Anyone else think they have Duke lower than they will finish?
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    Byerly to Bback

    To all of you calling for trick plays: Stop. Just stop. Trick plays are by their nature a low percentage play with huge potential downsides. Trick plays should only be used when your O is being dominated and a normal play has a small success rate. It is a sign of desperation. Our O has an...
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    Let's just say it grew back stronger...
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    ACC Schedule to be released 1/29

    Karma for booking a wedding in football season in the south? Prepare to find all the men hidden in a back room with booze and streaming football games. Half the wedding, you and your bride will be wondering "Where the h*** is everyone?" The other half, she will be wondering "Where the h*** are...
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    Who is our 1-8?

    Here is the real 1-8: 1. ... 2. Team 3. Coaching Staff 4. ... ... 8. ... Why is the team #2? Because they are good; their sum is less than the machine as a whole, but there is still room for improvement.