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  1. Conference Realignment

    It also might keep FSU and Clemson around if their revenue substantially increased. One big difference is when the Big 12 Media Rights renew vs. ACC. Part of the rationale for the Big 12 is a potential bump in TV rights in 2031 vs. having to wait until 2036 with the ACC.
  2. Other NCAA Regionals

    Clemson is the only super Regional host to not get to the College World Series. The other 6 series (3 ACC, 3 SEC) made it and UGA still has a chance to make it 7 out of 8 Super Regional Hosts winning. The latter I am obviously NOT rooting for.
  3. Danny Hall question

    Unfortunately I think baseball is third on Batt's list behind football and men's basketball. To a major extent, he was brought in to improve our financial position and the largest revenue sports will command the most attention.
  4. Conference Realignment

    I used to work with Harvard Management (manages Harvard endowment). They would hire heavy weight Wall St. analysts to run their portfolio and in many years returned 10% plus. Sitting on all of that money and not providing a lot back to students seems to be more than unfair.
  5. Conference Realignment

    Looking at the Power Rankings, it is possible we will only be favorite in 4 games. Georgia Tech Football Schedule Date Opponent Power Ranking 24-Aug FSU (Dublin) 11 31-Aug Georgia State 89 7-Sep @Syracuse 70 14-Sep VMI FCS (assume 130) 21-Sep @Louisville 21 5-Oct Duke...
  6. Conference Realignment

    It also only has GT having a 37% chance to get to 6 wins (bowl eligible). I think the FSU game is really crucial. Assuming (and a big assumption) that they don't trip up against a weaker opponent, an FSU win could lead to a 4-0 start which is crucial based on how difficult the second half of...
  7. Conference Realignment

    I would agree. But I don't think the SEC and ESPN would be happy to open up the Atlanta market to the Big 10.
  8. Conference Realignment

    Big 12 will not be too weak next year. Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Cincinnati, Orlando. Not as big as ACC but not shabby.
  9. Other NCAA Regionals

    Only 2 of the 16 regional hosts lost, 1 from Pac 12 (AZ) and East Carolina (5 SEC and 5 ACC wins). None of the top 8 National Seeds (5 SEC and 3 ACC) lost. Obviously there will be some upsets along the way but the Super Regionals certainly look like an ACC/SEC showdown. The only difference is...
  10. Regional: Ga Tech, UNCW, UGa, Army

    We have been shutout 2 straight games and outscored 22-0. When is consistent mediocre to poor performances enough?
  11. Bobby Dodd Renovation in the NE Stands

    Except it is really tough to do a campaign for new monies to pay off debts. People are much more likely to contribute to new buildings/stadiums. I agree with you that debt is a big issue but it will have to come from general donations vs. directed towards a specific campaign.
  12. Conference Realignment

    I would think the other networks (CBS and Fox) would also like the GOR protected. At its ugliest, if everything becomes public and the NCAA being so weak, I could envision each school at some point cutting their own deals.
  13. To THAT PLACE we go…

    Revenue. Since most of our Regional Series starting on Friday, GT wanted to maximize revenue by have the 7PM game getting people who were working that day to boost attendance. Obviously if the series started on Saturday, it wouldn't make any difference.
  14. To THAT PLACE we go…

    Gives UGA maximum rest between games. Not surprising. Also since close to summer, chance for thunderstorms late in the day to delay 2nd game and have very little rest before Saturday's game.
  15. Your First GT QB

    first qb for me was Kim King. I went through 3 coaches in my 4 years at GT. and scheme dramatically changed with Pepper coming. But he led GT to a win over UGA in a pouring rain in Athens in 1974. GT was way ahead at the half and me and about 5,000 GT fans were the only ones left in the...
  16. Duke Baseball

    Duke goes down 1 in RPI and we do down 3 after we won the series. Killers were losing 2 to both UGA and particularly Auburn. Splitting both of those would have helped. But still no rationale of how we went down 3 spots
  17. Conference Realignment

    But the Big Ten made the brilliant move to get multiple networks involved with their TV rights and hyping their conference. The SEC got big bucks from ESPN but will not have the coverage that the Big Ten will have and ultimately the money.
  18. Conference Realignment

    But not in terms of money. The ACC and B12 are both getting way below the Big 10 and SEC but far more than any G5 team. Looks like the AAC is getting 7MM per team per year which I think is the highest Group of 5 league. That is far below the ACC or Big 12. So I completely agree that the Big...
  19. 2024 Football Portal

    Here is one list from one of the recruiting sites:
  20. House vs. NCAA

    Depending on how punitive this award became, it would bankrupt most D1 athletic departments. At that point, I do think you would see Congress step in versus having College Athletics collapse. The question would be what would the new structure look like? Making athletes employees and sharing in...