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  1. Chris Martin has left the team
  2. Rashaad Reid

    Happy Saturday and THWg! I ran into Rashaad today at Atlanta Grill Company off hwy 9 into between Roswell and Alpharetta. Incredibly nice, humble guy. (It was my first time meeting him.) He was grilling out front trying to promote his bbq sauce. As much as I want to help out fellow alumni, I...
  3. Football is a funny game....

    We outgain Tennessee by 286 yards and lose by one in 2OT. UG[sic]A outgains Tennessee by only 236 and wins the game by 41. I'm not a dumb guy, but I need someone to explain this one to me.
  4. I can't take it anymore

    It's been a year. Whether it's Braves games or Tech games I have to hear it during EVERY commercial break. "I come slowly, slowly, slowly getting faster..." FIND ANOTHER COMMERCIAL. That is all. Go Jackets.
  5. 92.9 The Game

    Did anyone catch them talking about Tech's recruiting class this morning? 1) Tech has 27 commits 2) Tech has EIGHT transfers coming in. 3) The Swilling Bros. will give you a reason to watch the Spring Game? Fail. Fail. Fail. I don't know why I continue to be surprised by how bad Atlanta...
  6. 5 star guys versus 0 star guys

    Interesting article regarding Pro Bowlers and the number of stars they had coming out of high school.
  7. Vandy/Tech game on DIRECTV in Huntsville?

    Will be relocated there for the weekend. Thanks.
  8. Gregg Marshall: the thread

    Make it happen, Cap'n. I'll buy season tickets tomorrow.
  9. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Draft

    Anyone want to do a head to head league? Just respond with your email address and I'll add you. Please don't join if you don't want to play. League ID#: 120708 League Name: THWG!!! Draft Type: Live Standard Draft Draft Time: Mon Mar 21 8:15pm EDT
  10. When will we be able to afford....

    ....a competitive coaches salary again? When are we done paying Hewitt?
  11. ESPN: Tech #5 team trending upward after signing day

    Here's the link:
  12. How do you lose consecutive games to Duke and UNC?

    How is that even possible?
  13. How are ticket sales going for Duke?

    any chance of 50k?
  14. Jets release Stephen Hill
  15. When are we done paying Hewitt?

    If things continue to go downhill, I'm wondering what is the earliest we could hire a coach that might demand a higher salary. Thanks.
  16. Did we burn any redshirts yesterday?

    ....or do we still have only the two true freshmen playing.