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  1. GTBandit22

    Dontae Smith leading ACC in YAC

    *per rush Big ups to Dontae 2k
  2. GTBandit22

    Any injury updates?

    Clint came back in later in the game. Benson has, according to coach's postgame: " he pulled...he has a lower leg." Hamstring? B Mitch went out. Anyone else?
  3. GTBandit22

    Gotsis targeting

    I was at the game and more than slightly inebriated. Fans with HD, was it even close? I watched the play and the replay on the jumbotron, and it looked like a tickey tack helmet to helmet at most. I was in shock when they ejected him. I'm hoping Kallon playing will pay dividends later, but we...
  4. GTBandit22

    9/18/2009 All is not lost.
  5. GTBandit22

    Film Room Tulane Game up on Youtube

    Courtesy of GT Bob, aka the man.
  6. GTBandit22

    wiscy rb Gordon sets NCAA record

    408 yards against Nebraska. Wowser.
  7. GTBandit22

    anyone watching Vandy?

    They just charged Vandy a timeout for having Anchor down on the back of their jersey. Weird.
  8. GTBandit22

    Draft: Am I wrong?

    Does anyone else think the draft was a good sign for this upcoming season? FSU,Clemson, and UNC all lost some talented guys. It would be disturbing if it continues into next year's draft(I expect it won't, with good combines we have 3 minimum to be drafted), but it leaves me pumped for next...