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  1. Was our defense hamstrung in the past?

    Maybe because he played on D for CPJ! Good reason to believe him.
  2. Your Favorite Underrated GT player?

    I will give you my top 3 on O and D O Charlie Rogers Ed wilder Bobby Rodriguez D Ron Rogers Kenny Scott Adam Oliver But My favorite of all time. Kelly Rhino Dude was scared of nothing!
  3. Rate the best GT FB player...

    So many come to mind. Defense Kevin Battle was a great DT, Rogers beside Brooking, Tillman at S, and my favorite corner or no real reason was Kenny Scott Offense WR Watkins & Middleton, OL Cheevers & Mooney, RB Joe Burns
  4. What is your favorite Georgia Tech Bowl Game?

    98 vs ND is up there but so is 14 OB. But what can beat that 90 season and to end it with the beat down we gave NEB. Epic!!!!
  5. Favorite COFH Game

    1998 in Athens or 1999 in Atl. Both awesome.
  6. Trey Klock transferring out

    I live in same town as Gilbert family, don't know them but people that do said they were not happy with GT at the time.
  7. The Best of: Quarterback

    1) Joe Ham 2)Godsey (Cant believe anyone would say RB) 3)Goose is Loose or Nesbitt taking the ball back 4) Ryan- That game really hurt me!
  8. The Best of: Defensive Back

    1) Willie "big play" Clay 2) Scott - was left on an island his whole career 3) Thomas against FSU in title game and DJ against ugag 4) Any of the DB'S that played at ugag when Reggie was the QB. He made them all look good!!!!!!
  9. The Best of: Wide Receiver

    You just made me throw up in my mouth. I was a freshman that year and remember that play but wasn't it Champ and not Hines. Pass interference was on tillman and it was complete BS! 1) Calvin 2) Middleton 3) Watkins against Clemson 4) There was a guy that played for FSU cant remember his name...
  10. The Best of: Linebacker

    Phillip Wheller D Smith pick 6 against ugag 00 or B Jefferson slam Knowshon 08 dont remember name but BYU LB seemed to make every play a few yrs a go at their place. Perryman from the U a few yrs ago.
  11. Top three GT games you have been to?

    98 uga 99 uga 04 clemson