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  1. Transfers out

    I see Kelly as a 1B type player Good enough to take over But not always the big dog
  2. Transfers out

    Kelly. Cleavland tough matchup
  3. Baye Declares for NBA; Retaining Eligibility

    I was writing I. Response to people commenting in miles not returning to have a scholarship to offer , as we are looking at another transfer center
  4. Baye Declares for NBA; Retaining Eligibility

    I meant returning
  5. Baye Declares for NBA; Retaining Eligibility

    I am growing more concerned about Baye now
  6. Mutombo Transfers to GT

    I’m ok with a short term experiment at our weakest position
  7. Mutombo Transfers to GT

    I think he gets a bit more pt ESP to play against copper Flagg possibly
  8. Who is more likely to be drafted: Kelly or Ndongo?

    I want them both back I’m greedy.
  9. Who is more likely to be drafted: Kelly or Ndongo?

    I could see ndynogo mid 2nd Kelly late like 50,s
  10. Who is more likely to be drafted: Kelly or Ndongo?

    with the better roster, comes more open space and better looks, as well as the less pressure to force up a last resort shot as time is running out. Being the star on a team that makes the tourney- even if numbers are slightly down prob looks better then higher numbers on a 12 place team
  11. Retaining Talent & Roster Management

    Man a sweet 16 or elite 8 run would boost draft stock
  12. Transfers out

    I love his potential, also feel he is one of teh players who needs to get tougher. so many times i've seen him stripped of the ball either on a rebound or a drive to the basket. but the skillset is there for development to be an amazing player
  13. Devion Smith / utah in NIT Semifinals

    glad to see him doing well
  14. ACC

    Why not Alaska?
  15. GT Hoops General Topics

    Clicked on the website -- they have a few nice Jordan Usher photos as well
  16. This Saturday is a special Senior Day. It is Kyle Sturdivant's last home game. What's y'all's favorite memory from his four years here?

    I sat to myself every game, w are going to miss him next year and how i hope we can find an upper classman ballhandler in the portal, who can hit clutch shots
  17. CDS Pushing Through Ups and Downs

    Well tbh would we be a tournament team if we beat bc and Norte dame anyway? Unless we finished top 4 I think our fate was sealed after Hawaii/ Florida state where size was the issue.
  18. What has surprised you so far this year?

    yes i think it happened in that order