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  1. Jordan Yates

    I do have a question for those who know throwing mechanics. I know Sims is much taller than Yates, but I am truly surprised at the number of tipped balls Sims has at the line of scrimmage… and tipped isn’t always the right word as some have hit a helmet. These have led to interceptions and some...
  2. Game 7 Media Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech

    I certainly didn’t watch him enough to grade out his total performance, but I will say that was a nice violent tackle they highlighted him with during the game.
  3. Sims and Turnovers

    I think the tuck rule was abolished.
  4. Starting QB speculation

    I think we also need to consider their running ability. Graham’s speed is great, his decision making during runs was maddening. So many times he took poor angles or misread blockers, thereby running right into a defender. It literally negated his speed. Sims shows much better running ability, is...
  5. Best debut ever?

    I think Taylor's first game was Connecticut. Now he did start better than anyone.... he is one of the few quarterbacks whose first pass ever was a touchdown. Now, it was just a short one to Calvin... but he took it to the house! The game itself probably does not rank up there as amazing though.