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  1. jzgt22

    Re-Watched some old wins on YouTube....

    Tyler Marcordes...95 yards to the house!
  2. jzgt22

    2024 Football Portal

    Isn't he the one Key has been saying they were so excited about coming up at center?
  3. jzgt22

    Spring Game Expectations.

    Highlights here
  4. jzgt22

    Spring Practice

  5. jzgt22

    Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    11 touchdowns in 4 games?!?! I forgot what an incredible start he got off to that year...
  6. jzgt22

    Kenyatta Watson- Gone to AU

    With the former HS coaches brought on staff, Tim McFarlin and Bill Stewart, seems like we are better positioned to absorb the loss than we were a year or two ago.
  7. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update Unfortunately Pressley Harvin III was released.
  8. jzgt22

    Condolences to a Swarm Member

    Sincere condolences and prayers for peace and comfort to the family.
  9. jzgt22

    Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    Haven't counted but would have to assume many of the freshman committed to TFG and CBK honored their commitments. Looking to bring in his type of athletes now.
  10. jzgt22

    Jamal Haynes, Singleton & Rutherford (good news)

    Just seems odd to me. Kid had a good year, but scolly kickers have been suspect at best for the past decade or so. I'm inclined to believe We'll revert to the mean. Butker the only one I'd spend money on and he was shaky as a frosh.
  11. jzgt22

    Jamal Haynes, Singleton & Rutherford (good news)

    Kickers getting NIL money?
  12. jzgt22

    Thacker and Tillman

    Really....that guy?!?!?!
  13. jzgt22

    HATE WEEK 2023

    Piss on em!!!
  14. jzgt22

    2023 GT Football Ticket Exchange

    I have 2 upper north 214 row 9 1 row off the rail and can't make it to the game. Make an offer.
  15. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update

    Tre Swilling up from 49er's practice Squad
  16. jzgt22

    2023 GT Football Ticket Exchange

    Is there a way to transfer tickets once I've added them to my Google wallet? If so I have 2 in section 221 for anyone wearing white and gold.
  17. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update

    Keion getting some love
  18. jzgt22

    I'm bored... let's predict the UNIFORMS for the upcoming season.

    Shine on young man! We need young passionate fans like yourself to take up and carry the good word! Don't let us old dudes get in your way! End of the day we all want to see GT be great!