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  1. Film Room apcarrick's Georgia Tech Offense Videos Cut by Play

    Ah, unfortunately I haven't spent much time here this season so far for various reasons. I love all the work guys like him, longestday, boomer, and stylee do to explain our offense. I've learned so much over the past few years from all these guys. I hadn't run across any mention of his page...
  2. Film Room apcarrick's Georgia Tech Offense Videos Cut by Play

    Not sure if anyone's seen this before but I just recently found this Youtube page - If you like @longestdays vids this guys page is worth checking out as well. He doesn't do any slow mo or breakdown any plays but he does put up every...
  3. Offensive Scheme Q&A Thread

    The bubble screen and the toss sweep are both quick hitting plays to get the ball out to attack the perimeter. Two totally different plays designed to attack the same part of the field and do it quickly.
  4. ESPN: RE-Ranking the top 300 recruits 2006-2013

    That's a pretty crappy list if Bebe isn't on it.
  5. Travis Custis and Jonathan Dwyer

    I would love for Custis to become another Ant. We don't need another Dwyer for the O to effective (not that I wouldn't take one in a heartbeat) we need another Ant and there should be plenty of backs of his quality out there.
  6. Obit calling our CPJ

    Um, wow!
  7. AJC: Interview with Will Jackson & David Sims

    I thought this comment was interesting - "I think in Vad’s mind, I think he knew he could be successful in this offense, but I think he wanted to do some different things,” Jackson said. Sounds to me like Vad was a square peg because he didn't wanted to fit the offense, not because he wasn't...
  8. Vad Lee Interview on 790 the Zone

    Alot of QB's light it up in HS, but are not considered good enough passers to make it as QB's at the college level. They end up being recruited as athletes and playing other positions. Vad was not a highly rated QB by the recruting services, Duke might be the only other school that wanted him...
  9. Passing the ball

    What have Navy's and GSU's completion percentages looked like over the same time period? Are they higher then ours have been? I know they "don't play the same level of competition" but they do play against talent relative to their own.
  10. Vad Lee Interview on 790 the Zone

    Glad you posted this. I was going to mention that either you or boomer had done a breakdown of Va'ds big plays showing that he was doing just as well under center as in the pistol. Seems everyone only wants to remember the pistol runs as it fits the common opinion that Vad needs to be in the...
  11. Hot seat

    I don't think very many posters oin any of the boards are big enough money donors to have any sort of say in whether coach gets fired. The fact is coach is not going anywhere with the buyout he has whether "an amazing number of people" are OK with subpar results or not. If coach has a losing...
  12. Auburn's Option v. Tech's Option

    I think it would better to compare the number of carries Ant and JD got as well as the combo of sims/laskey instad of sims by himself. Those two split time because neither of them was as good as JD or Ant. While were on the subject I see lots of posts about needing/wanting another dwyer for...
  13. Who is staying and who is going?

    No way Sewak goes to UT...That's just funny.
  14. The Hurry Up Offense

    Our death marches have been just as good at tiring defenses out in the past. Doesn't matter whether we go up tempo or slow things down if our guys can't run the plays properly. Our 2 minute O definitely needs to improve, but lets not pretend running plays at a faster pace is somehow better...
  15. ACC!!!!!

    I think the flexiblity is built into both Kelly's and Malzahn's offenses, just as it is in our's. As has been discussed our passing is mostly run n'shoot concepts. Whether CPJ fully utilizes the built in flexibility like the other two is another story. I'd imagine having a line that could...
  16. Auburn's Option v. Tech's Option

    Auburn seems to be pretty good at plucking QB's that were kicked off of other SEC teams and riding them to MNC games.
  17. Replacing Seniors and vacated spots

    Groh recruited him if I recall. I wonder how much firing him affected Young's play.
  18. The academic toll that nobody talks about

    Haha, I doubt this. Don't think Wrexie would pick the name from a character on a young adult vampire show on the CW. I think we'll all know when he shows up. I think he'd want people to know it was him, even if he isn't obvious about it. He thrives on the attention to much.
  19. Paul Johnson: #9 Most Powerful Coach in CFB

    Really? Your criticising someone for calling CPJ half decent. That's kinda funny.