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  1. Bracketology 2024

    I was at the game yesterday and that’s what struck me the most when doing the intros at the beginning - literally the entire starting 5 except 1 was a grad transfer. That lone guy not a grad transfer was a senior - that’s a ton of experience to have for a team. Also - Burns just seems to...
  2. Our NIL

    Completely agree. Their advisory committee that was in charge of getting them into a P5 conference was made up of billionaires. I forget the article, but basically the net worth of the group was well north of 15 billion. That buys a lot of NIL with all that money..
  3. Conference Realignment

    I talked with one of SMUs big boosters the day after it was announced and I was surprised how much he kept bringing up that they were one of three Texas schools in a top 3 conference. He really thought being able to group themselves in with Texas and TAMU was a big deal on the recruiting trail...
  4. New Edge Building Rendering

    Something seemed different when I stared at the images and I compared it to the current edge center. If these renderings are correct, It looks like this reduces the size of the upper North stands. Anyone else notice that?
  5. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Anyone here read the email from J Batt this AM? Sure seemed to tease an announcement was imminent which I think given the way it was teased could only really mean a new HC hire (look for a very big announcement in the very near future)
  6. OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    I always wish we found a way to keep Kelly. That guys been successful everywhere he went and he was good here. I realize we probably can't afford him now and even if we could there could be sour grapes, but I'd be happy with that hire.
  7. Helical piers vs push piers for foundation repair?

    What part of the country do you live in? The recommendation probably changes slightly based on where you live. I've unfortunately learned quite a bit on foundation repair since moving to Texas (Soils here are terrible).
  8. Potential Head Coach Hires

    I think the fact this would be his third stint at GT in some capacity is a good sign. While he does hop, he has managed to work his way back to GT each time. I wouldn't be suprised if he hopped again, just saying I think we stand a better chance of him staying more than 2 years.
  9. GT vs Central Florida Cancelled

    I would be up for IU. Hard to tell how good they are this year, but they did beat Virginia.
  10. Life after Paul Johnson.... hypothetical question

    If Monken continues to have success at Army and CPJ continues his success here, I'd love to have him back to replace CPJ. He just seems like a great guy and he's so far managed to win at Army which is impressive.
  11. B Back Transfer - Patrick Skov

    Ummmm...pretty sure in most business circles Stanford is now considered top 3 if not the top business school given how close it is to the Silicon Valley and the Tech community.