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  1. What type of defensive scheme will Santucci run @ GT?

    People are being too prescriptive with what they will run. From what I see, CTS will run what fits the personnel best. You can call it a 4-2-5, where the Edge/LB is more mobile or a 3-3-5 with a stronger OLB. I think either way, he is attacking the offense, and trying to be more disruptive. I...
  2. What type of defensive scheme will Santucci run @ GT?

    For people who want to watch some game film, Duke vs NC State full game. .
  3. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    The last ESPN deal gave them the rights to all ACC games. They pick the ones they want to broadcast first, then of the leftover they sell them to Ballys. If no one picks them up ESPN3.
  4. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Wow ⚰️🪦DEATH PENALTY. Sad trombone noise. 😩
  5. Portal Watch 2022-23

    A coach being petty? I’ve never heard of that. Can we call the NCAA whambulance on this guy? He is being mean to us. I think I’m going to cry. 😭
  6. Damon Stoudamire

    Looking at the 5 that transferred out and 1 HS lost vs the 6 transfers in I think he has already upgraded the roster. BC was the only one of the 6 that I was excited to see. I think AA is equal if not slightly better as he is ahead 1 yr experience wise. I’m looking forward to seeing what CDS...
  7. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    You would expect them to donate to what helped make them successful most, which is the academic side.
  8. Damon Stoudamire

    Did CDS's son play for JF AAU team?
  9. The Toothpaste Thread | cousins may fight, but the Yellow Jacket family sticks together

    One thing I think is being missed is that the bball hires have more coverage because CDS and Hobbs have more name recognition. They would have more publicity no matter what, because of who they are before being named. That doesn't mean that CBK and his assistant hires have less enthusiasm, just...
  10. Miles Kelly Testing the Waters

    Where did you get 'Most players do this so they can unofficially enter portal so that they can through loop holes hear from other schools, historically most do not return to the school they are testing the waters from because of moving up in draft or they decide to enter portal" from? I have...
  11. CDS staff speculation.

    The statement isn’t the issue. The opinion to say the victory means less because of it is. As others have stated that would be the opinion of every UGAG fan, as we would do same to them. When people use the same talking points as our enemies, it’s hard not to treat them as one, even if you know...
  12. 2022-23 GTWBB

    WOW awesome for CTB. I wonder if this is what the eye emoji’s were for.
  13. CDS staff speculation.

    What does dampened the impact mean?
  14. Coaching Carousel 8 - Teamwork means never taking all the blame yourself

    The main benefit of NIL is that the more talented upper classman that were going to the nba draft are staying. I don't think it is shifting who has money to spend. An FAU or other mid major is not going to be able to fund both a top coach and NIL at the same level of the top bball programs...
  15. Damon Stoudamire

    I look at the assistant hires taking some time as a good thing, as the good assistants likely have a lot of options and are thinking things over. To me another good sign, is that not much information is coming out, so Batt and coaches are running a tighter ship, this was true with football hires...
  16. CDS Expectations

    Straight from CDS
  17. AD chat

    For me the argument is do you offer a coach more security to lower the costs or is it better to lose the coach cause you can’t afford them? I think it’s been proven that you shouldn’t lower costs by both Braine and TS.
  18. Damon Stoudamire

    I think the big thing that is missed is that a coach that would rather have more security then more money is basically not betting on themselves. That doesn’t actually incentivize them to maintain a program at a certain level. That was one of my issues with Collins 7 yr contract. He wasn’t...
  19. Damon Stoudamire

    If we follow the progression of AZ point guards should be Pastner -> Stoudamire -> Steve Kerr