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  1. @UVa Baseball

    I think everyone underestimated how much the loss of Giesler hurt. I know I did.
  2. @UVa Baseball

    That Warren Nolan guy throw his computer out the window yet? He's about as accurate as a government economist.
  3. @UVa Baseball

    I was so close. Glad we muscled our way to another series win. We're on a roll and the coaches are making more good calls than not.
  4. @UVa Baseball

    You're saying we're staring down the barrell of year 32?
  5. @UVa Baseball

    Did not see the play but get into a rundown if you have to
  6. @UVa Baseball

    Well, 10 of 17 still have a chance to be right. I'm the lone 3 win pre-dicktor, but I think we lay the wood on Cavwomen all weekend. Good start tonight with the run rule win. Dem bitches know who's the boss.
  7. My way too early, possibly problematic look at potential GT Hoops roster management

    Just an observation- We’ve not had this much basketball off-season chatter on this GT message board as long as I’ve been here. It’s getting hard for casual fans like me to keep up unlike other years. This is DEFINITELY different. We’ve got good players being signed, players we might have killed...
  8. @UVa Baseball

    We crush Cavwoman. Sweep. GT rapes, robs and pillages. Leave behind what we don’t want.
  9. 2024 Football Portal

    Saw him on the sideline. He ate well.
  10. #13 VT Baseball

    2 walks were high pitch counts walks, lots of foul tips. First batter was probably K'd earlier in count, but mis-call extended the at bat. Then 3 run moonshot after the walks. Don't remember the exact sequence, but a bunch of Texas leaguers littered throughout kept extemding the inning. Not sure...
  11. Auburn

    5-0 wasn't that bad, those next 3 runs ouch
  12. Auburn

    Go Jackets, beat those bastiches!
  13. #13 VT Baseball

    Momentum has really swung last 10 days. Need to keep it up. Wish we could avoid the intermittent we seem disinterested games. Things like pulling Lackey may seem small but they set a tone and an expectation.
  14. #13 VT Baseball

    I thought we were going to go ham on fake tech, just thought it would have been spread over 3 games. We are a better team than them, need to show it again today. Warm weather, hot GT!
  15. #13 VT Baseball

    I was at the game. 1-0 this season. GT 19, Opponents 0 Not sure what to make of all this.
  16. #13 VT Baseball

    So many errors killed Finatieri and other pitchers. Bad throws on DP balls, not charging ball, not throwing to home when we had that guy caught going home on steal attempt, dropped pop up. How did that ground rule double happen on left field line? Like the damn Bad News Bears out there. That one...
  17. #13 VT Baseball

    Every now and again I get the idea that when I retire I'm going to start a website to rate the pundits. Football and basketball, stocks, economic stuff, etc. I think the punditry results would be stunning & the results of ill-informed self-appointed experts like myself would be equal to or...
  18. #13 VT Baseball

    we’re about to go ham on fake tech
  19. Christo Lamprecht at Masters (libk)

    He had that snowman on 15. 3rd shot on par 5 from about 105, spun it back into the creek. Not sure what happened from there, but somehow he didn’t even par which was almost assured from the drop area. I lost internet.
  20. Ga Southern

    Agony of defeat. GT DNA- walk into final with an A, get a charity D on report card. Barely graduate. You go on to excel in your career, way out-kick the competition.