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  1. Point spread vs georgia

    Lol I think that number is going up and ill best points and moneyline. Hondo each
  2. What is the state of our fan base?

    I think it will take more than winning. Look at high schools in the state of Georgia and see how many kids are wearing GT gear? Basically none.. I don't know a quick fix but long term it's creating fans that are not connected to the program academically. Atlanta is a music hub and...
  3. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    Eewww you see who his DC is right? I dont want to replay that nightmare. I like what Deion is doing and in Atlanta he would be a made man.
  4. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    Please do not use the word tackle? We hit people we tackle nobody.
  5. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    Your not a bandwagon fan to me. Your as invested in this team as any who graduated. I'm talking someone who just started watching them.
  6. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    Exactly.... I don't think we have bandwagon fans because who in there right mind would say hey I'm going to root for GT?
  7. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    For anyone else that was at the game today please tell me I'm wrong when I say turnout was decent and our boys got booed against BG or did I imagine that?
  8. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    There are so many problems with this team I don't know where to start but here is my top 3 1. We can not tackle. Nobody on this team wraps up. It's throw a shoulder and hope they fall down. 2. Soft coverage. Watch any other team play and tell me one DB that plays 7+ yards off the wr. We need...
  9. Bowling Green Post Game... 😢

    These types of loses should never happen. CBK has some explaining to do. Today was about coaching and only one HC had his guys fired up and it wasn't ours
  10. GAMEDAY!!

    Yea attendance here is sad. No support for our guys.
  11. What's your game plan to beat UGA?

    I disagree with lowering possessions. I think the ket to UGA is pace. Don't allow them to rotate that defense. Hurry up offense whole game.
  12. CFP - Who's in?

    I think TCU still gets in after loss
  13. CFP - Who's in?

    I think TCU still gets in after lose today
  14. Portal Watch 2022-23

    Rumor is Alabama or Tennessee. No source but heard on Radio today.
  15. Your choice for Head Coach

    I voted Deion. I understand he has limited experience, but recruiting is 50% of the battle. I dont see Key or Chadwell bringing in the recruits to compete in power 5 conference place. Chadwell is the best coach on the list so can't argue against him if hired.
  16. Think about this....

    We have beat 2 top 25 teams this year. I'm not scared of the UGA offense. Let's make it 3!!!
  17. Mutt tix

    It hurts but I'll be there.
  18. How Important is Recruiting?

    The reality nobody wants to face is that our #1 problem is recruiting. There are numerous reasons so just pick one. Every week we play teams with higher recruiting classes and superior athletes. We need a recruiter for head coach which we can do and we need to open up to ncaa standards and...
  19. For Thack to get out of dog house

    Defense played great. That's about all I can say.
  20. Week 8 #UVAvsGT Predictions

    Feels strange seeing so many positive post lol. I'm not as convinced as may of you but think we win 24-20