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  1. Ironmike57

    Syracuse fan first. Conference fan second.

    Syracuse fan first. Conference fan second.
  2. Ironmike57

    2023-2024 ROSTER???

    Starling committed before Mintz declared. Jesse is a huge loss. We cannot replace him. Yes, I am from Syracuse.
  3. Ironmike57


    Do we know if Bacot is going to play? The last I saw was that there was no timeframe for his return from his shoulder injury.
  4. Ironmike57

    Iowa Game

    When was the last time Coleman had an assist or rebound?
  5. Ironmike57

    GTMBB 80 Vandy 76 ( Secret exhibition)

    Somewhere, there must be a box score.
  6. Ironmike57

    Lineup for 2022-23

    Has anyone heard how Franklin has looked during the summer? He is an interesting pice to the puzzle.