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    2024 Football Portal

    I teach HS economics. Both regular and AP. I tell them all the time that if you understand compounding interest, start saving and investing early and avoid dying too young it’s almost impossible not to end up a millionaire at some point. I also tell them the word doesn’t have the same cachet as...
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    2024 Football Portal

    You are probably right. However, I choose to worry and fret only two times a year - during the season and during the offseason. Thus making the game not just a fall event but one I can suffer with and enjoy year round. Why wait until fall to start stressing? Let's live in the moment here.
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    Caitlin Clark: wNBA or NBA?

    Or, at least, we used to separate them. ;)
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    OJ SIMPSON DEAD at age 76

    I hate that he passed before completing his post trial objective.
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    Nvidia and Georgia Tech announce first AI supercomputer for students

    That is exactly how I learned to number the cards!! .Fool me once, shame on you...etc. Sadly, most of my personal learnings to date on this ball of dirt have come the hard way. ;)
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    Nvidia and Georgia Tech announce first AI supercomputer for students

    I did not read that book. My initial thought upon reading was "did anyone else but me ever drop and scatter their card deck and spend almost as much time rerunning them to restore them to proper order as it would have taken them to just throw them away and start from scratch?".
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    President Cabrera's Newsletter March 2024

    Was the rate of change that great or did you take as long to get out as I did?? ;)
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    President Cabrera's Newsletter March 2024

    I'm pretty surethey were as well when I was there (late 70's thru 81). Sightings were rare however outside of the Claremont Lounge, the Limelight club and occasionally Piedmont Park. I don't know what has changed but the population seems to have exploded to the point where a sighting or even...
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    Danny Hall question

    Serious question. Is NIL now a part of college baseball (or ANY non-revenue sport)??? That makes zero sense to me. Seems like a major waste of $$$ (no ROI in his case). Note: I AM assuming that baseball at GT (and elsewhere) has more expenses than revenue. Is this assumption incorrect?
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    2024 Football Portal

    I had a somewhat related random thought...over the years I have seen some of my formerly married friends and coworkers enter into the adult relationship equivalent of the transfer portal. Just like in football, not all of them ended up in better place. In fact, most (in my experience) didn't.
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    That depends on one's perspective. Over the years there have been a number of schools that have decided to go in a different direction than their peers....Chicago, Suwanee, the Ivies to name some. These schools still exist and most are still playing FB. As it has been said, things change. I am...
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    You have made a logical inference I suppose but just bc I did not mention the salaries of coaches in my post doesn't mean what you have inferred.
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    I have to say that your are most probably correct if I were being honest as well. However I have no issues with those who continue to support the team and program under the new landscape. Different strokes for different folks as they say.
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    This post speaks to the dilemma (imo) of managing the GTAA. I think the fans of the superpowers don't bat an eye about one of theirs making $1MM. But if I knew we had a player on the roster making $1MM it would be the end of my support for GT FB (or BB or whatever). I have to believe (perhaps...
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    @UNC Baseball

    I am going to do my part along with you and ibeattetris. I didn't vote last week so will abstain again this time! Go Jackets!
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    My way too early, possibly problematic look at potential GT Hoops roster management

    I don't post here bc I don't watch basketball (GT or other) anymore. But i was at the beach on spring break. Rainy evening and I was channel surfing and found a GT game on. I don't recall the opponent but it was in the last 5 or 6 days. We turned the ball over on maybe 3 of our first 5...
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    Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    I noticed no one directly answered your question. Maybe they are self unaware and blissfully ignorant of wtf is wrong with them? God love them,
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    Coaching Carousel 9 - People die climbing mountains

    I do not know anything about this guy but I have always been fascinated by people who can work the same job (ANY job) for 30+ years. That mindset is hard for me to understand. Even if you do the exact same thing, I think changing locales/schools/companies would be important to maintain...
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    Coaching Carousel 9 - People die climbing mountains

    Wow, I used to think everything was real but now...
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    Coaching Carousel 9 - People die climbing mountains

    I don't want to read into your post anything that you didn't mean but am I correct in thinking that you are implicitly stating that singularity has, in fact, been reached??? If so, I am a bit disappointed in that I thought it would look and feel different than this.