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  1. Potential DC for Next Year

    Steve Spurrier?
  2. Favorite sport cliches?

    I’m proud of the kids. They competed at a ELITE level today. It was ELITE!
  3. ACC Bowl Action

    Georgia Tech beats FSU by three scores to open next season.
  4. What is the greatest game ever played at BDS at Grant/Hyundai Field?

    September 2003 GT over Auburn was a fun game. Reggie Ball was carried off the field. Late 90’s? UVA game. Dez White went off. Goal post came down. Great memories.
  5. Gasparilla Bowl v UCF postgame celebration bonanza extravaganza

    There’s no doubt that GT has been using option concepts/plays this year. We are still running an option offense, just not from under center like we did with our hall of fame former HC Paul Johnson. I get the sense that Coach Key respects what PJ did here and isn’t to proud to do whatever it...
  6. Conference Realignment

    I agree. Add those two. They can’t sit around and pout. Fight! The ACC can survive, but they need to start making plans . If not, they will end up just like the PAC 12. I know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that none of us know about. This might all be for nothing, or they are...
  7. Conference Realignment

    If the ACC is going to survive, they need to start thinking about adding more schools. I would start with Tulane and South Florida. If FSU and Clemson somehow find the resources to leave, I would want to be a step ahead of them. I know there’s talk about UNC, NC State, Virginia, and VT leaving...
  8. Bowl Projections & Rumors

    Okay Thanks
  9. Bowl Projections & Rumors

    Correction, FSU, Clemson, Louisville, and NC State are listed, but no one else.
  10. Bowl Projections & Rumors

    What’s going on? I haven’t read all the post above, but ESPN hasn’t posted any of the ACC Bowls. It just says TBD. Seems like something is going on. Maybe not, but it’s strange nevertheless.
  11. Potential DC for Next Year

    Tenuta had some of the best defenses ever here.
  12. Tech vs Clemson - Game Predictions & Questions

    Clemson has UGA and Alabama talent. To think we could go up there and beat a motivated team (thanks Tyler from Spartanburg!) with that kind of talent is crazy. I’m disappointed that it wasn’t closer. We are much better than we were this time last year. We need to keep all the guys and keep...
  13. GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Cuse’s QB is running the ball down Pitt’s throat right now. Not good for us.
  14. GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    The kid from Spartanburg woke up a sleeping giant. Thanks kid!
  15. GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Should be up 21-14 2 dropped TD’s Can’t do that against a good defense.
  16. Potential DC for Next Year

    Tenuta doing anything?
  17. Atlanta Falcons

    Fire the head coach and the GM. This is a disaster. They suck. It could be fixed quickly, but this leadership hasn’t shown any sign that they know what to do!
  18. So what do we think about the Michigan sign-stealing debacle?

    EVERYONE ELSE DOES IT!!!! No big deal.
  19. Atlanta Falcons

    I think it’s a huge mistake not playing Ridder. Heinike isn’t the answer. Falcons are going to lose because they are impatient with Ridder. They all thought he was the best quarterback early on, but the trials of the season have made them impatient. They have no chance to go to the Super Bowl...
  20. #GTvsMIA Postgame