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  1. GTRhino24

    This Saturday is a special Senior Day. It is Kyle Sturdivant's last home game. What's y'all's favorite memory from his four years here?

    Feels like he has been on the team forever, but I never remember him having a bad game. Sturdy is a great way to describe him. No highlights jump to my mind, but his time at GT was so steady. Going to miss this kid. Hope he shares as much as he can with George before he departs. Thanks Kyle...
  2. GTRhino24

    Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    That VT night game @ BDS was the first game that came to mind. I took a buddy who was a UT fan. He loved the atmosphere, but not so much the game.
  3. GTRhino24

    Favorite sport cliches?

    Their offense just isn’t built for 3rd and long.
  4. GTRhino24

    GT vs UCF - Gasparilla Bowl (was GT vs Troy - Birmingham Bowl)

    My nephew goes to Troy and I live in Birmingham so it looks like I will be taking a big crew to this one!
  5. GTRhino24

    HATE WEEK 2023

    In 1998 during hate week, uga fans lined Techwood in RV tailgates on game day. From Field Hall, we launched water balloons down on their fans. The sun was behind the building so it was basically coming from the shadows. We got them all riled up and then went down to them. We tried to help...
  6. GTRhino24

    Game 12 #UGAvsGT Media

    Sounds like it. He blew it off like it was no big deal. I get it. But to those kids, that’s a BIG damn deal. There Joe Ham famous and there’s Calvin Johnson famous.
  7. GTRhino24

    GT is More Visible in Public

    My wife loves thrift shopping. At a local place, she found me a GT mini helmet signed by CPJ. I’d love to know how it ended up there.
  8. GTRhino24

    Favorite COFH win/moment?

    2023 😉
  9. GTRhino24

    Kyle Efford is a playmaker!

    ACC Linebacker of the Week! Congrats Kyle! May this be the first of many!
  10. GTRhino24

    HATE WEEK 2023

    They need to bring back Derrick Moore for the pregame pep talk this week. Dude gets me all jacked.
  11. GTRhino24

    Game 11 #CUSEvsGT Ramblings

    Chris was a head hunter. Unfortunately for us on the scout team, that meant you had better keep your head on a swivel or else you might lose it. Tillman also brought the wood.
  12. GTRhino24

    GT 45-UVA 17 #GTvsUVA postgame

    This still burns me up. I brought it up to some Bammer fans this morning and after watching it again, even they agreed he should have been tossed. Completely changed the game.
  13. GTRhino24

    Haynes King Update: How Do We Feel About Him?

    I was referring to the Bama player who nearly took off Daniels head last night. I think it was Turner the LB. He got roughing but he launched and left his feet.
  14. GTRhino24

    Haynes King Update: How Do We Feel About Him?

    That was textbook targeting (imo) and that kid should sit the next game. The 15yd slap on the wrist was nothing as it pretty much sealed the game at that point.
  15. GTRhino24

    Game 8 #UNCvsGT Postgame

    We ruined his Heisman run last year (Thanks Keion) and now we ended his college career. That’s tough.
  16. GTRhino24

    #GTvsMIA Postgame

    My wife is good luck. She will now be forced to stay awake until the game is OVER!
  17. GTRhino24

    Game 3 #GTvsOM Uniforms

    I’m sorry I brought it up and detailed the thread. I really like these unis and they may even be the best looking ones we’ve had to be honest.
  18. GTRhino24

    ACC Standings

    We asked for parity. 🤷‍♂️
  19. GTRhino24

    Game 3 #GTvsOM Uniforms

    Love the all whites. It’s the only uniform where all the golds match and no ones complains that Russell did it best.
  20. GTRhino24

    Haynes King Update: How Do We Feel About Him?

    Put a GT on these guy’s shirts and it could be any of us the past couple of years. Hate it for them.