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  1. Bill Curry and his move to Bama

    If he graduated in spring of 1964, his "senior" football season was fall of 1963, and a freshman in 1960 football season.
  2. Toughness a defining trait in Georgia Tech quarterback derby

    From June 14, 2020 The guy hasn't changed a bit. Tough. Winner. I always loved the photo montage of "The moods of Joshua Nesbitt"
  3. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Lewis was hired as the national coach of the year, too.
  4. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Very good coach. Very bad advice. Decisions based on emotional connections don't often turn out well. I hope Batt keeps it objective, thorough, and professional, and he signs HIS top choice and ignores all the external noise.
  5. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Yeah, this "beloved O'Leary" stuff needs to be revisited. I think the GTAA needs to comb the remaining OLeary minions out of its beard. Yes, he was head coach during a great 3 year stretch of Georgia Tech success, and deserves credit for that. But let's not forget he didn't accomplish a lot...
  6. What's your game plan to beat UGA?

    WIN at LIFE, not just a game played by kids with a ball.
  7. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Other site said Key was soft offered the UAB job some years ago and he declined at the time. So this would not be a surprise.
  8. Your choice for Head Coach

    But it DID work sometimes, in two ways. I've seen the defense jump, but the best ones were when the A-backs took their positions, no one jumped on defense, and the defense let up thinking the timeout was coming and they snapped the ball and got the first down! Coach Johnson was a master at...

    Pyron's dad is posting on The Hive and he said Zach is playing through an injury from the F$U game that was affecting him still - might be causing what you saw. As for the extra-curricular stuff... that's why I've referred to them not as the U, I refer to them as ThugU ever since the...
  10. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I'm Austrian by heritage,.. Schmaltz is rendered chicken fat used in Jewish and eastern European cooking... really good stuff. I think you meant "schmooze".
  11. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    If the caddies at Augusta National saw my swing, they would give ME the tip... Give up the game and try oil painting.
  12. Your choice for Head Coach

    70 years old, that's what he's up to.
  13. Your choice for Head Coach

    Really? Where have you been hiding? Jeff Saturday has been among the biggest sports headlines for the past week since Irsay made the highly controversial hire!
  14. The malice at the palace (famous NBA fight) turns 18 this month. Are there any brawls between players or fans that you've seen at GT sporting events?

    Here's an obscure one... Spring quarter 1979 I believe, I was one of the Techwood Dorm "Badoogies" with all my brothers. It was "College night" at a Braves game at old Fulton County Stadium. QUARTER BEER NIGHT! We started with a cookout in the old Techwood courtyard and threw some offerings...
  15. Most likely wins this year

    I had us starting at 3-4 with hope to beat VaPoly as our 4th win of the season since last spring when the schedule came out... we simply have to beat Poly. The Binion Index showed that game as the last remaining win probablility over 50% left, and that was before the F$U beat down, which will...
  16. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    All this is how I've been told it went too. Let's not ignore that O'Leary had a hand in influencing Stansbury to choose TFG. Remember, Stansbury was O'Leary's hand picked choice for AD at UCF when they basically let him choose his own AD to replace their guy when things got difficult...
  17. Week 9 #GTvsFSU Predictions

    Well, a nooner in Tallahassee with some 'nole chicks in play resulted in what I consider a pretty outstanding weekend back in my day.
  18. Week 9 #GTvsFSU Predictions

    Binion's stuff is always a good read before a game. It gives you a heads up on things to look for. His system compares the key metrics for each team head-to-head. Las Vegas blew the line out to 24.5...
  19. Is this season a repeat of last year?

    also add that Tech was 3-3 at the halfway point. Then last year Tech went on a 6 game losing binge. Let's hope we don't repeat that part and get a win at SW Va State.