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    Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    The whole interview was very good. He has a great sense of humor and is refreshingly honest.
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    Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    My new favorite seasonal flavors are Graeter's Cinnamon & Graeter's Egg Nog.
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    Condolences to a Swarm Member

    Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Terry and I met almost 35 years ago and he was my best friend and we laughed, loved, and lived a wonderful life together. He enjoyed watching racing (NASCAR, Indy, drag), women's golf, and college football. He especially enjoyed and appreciated CPJ &...
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    May y'all's 2024 be everything you want it to be!
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    Merry Christmas SWARMERS

    Congratulations on your engagement!
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    Merry Christmas SWARMERS

    just for you...
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    HATE WEEK 2023

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    Existential Crisis?

    I always like to brag that I can survive jumping off a ship, as long as I have on jeans & a flannel shirt.😁
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    HATE WEEK 2023

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    HATE WEEK 2023

  12. jwsavhGT

    HATE WEEK 2023

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    Existential Crisis?

    Au contraire my dear fellow...back in 1979 you could pass drownproofing with a D and be damned proud to do it!
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