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  1. SilverFox81

    North Carolina Hires New DC - Geoff Collins

    UNcheat and Collins deserve each other.
  2. SilverFox81

    Breakdown Of The Run Game In COFH

    We better pay Buster.
  3. SilverFox81

    Point spread vs georgia

    For Tech to even be in this game, they must have an effective rush attack. You do that and you keep the mutt's offense on the sideline. Let Haynes and Jamal run the ball! Then later find some guys open on the post. Defense, play like you did against Cuse. That's the recipe for the upset...
  4. SilverFox81

    Point spread vs georgia

    " Georgia is the easiest coaching job in America." - Paul Johnson.
  5. SilverFox81

    Clemson Postgame

    D played badly on third and fourth downs but when your O can't get going, this is what happens. Our D got gassed. Kudos to Dabo and his game plan. Hate losing to Clemson. Guess we'll try again in 2025 :/
  6. SilverFox81

    Happy anniversary to the '90 UVA game. Ironic that we play them tomorrow.

    It's definitely a tough place for us for some odd reason. Heck, our record in Athens for the past 25 years is better than it is in C-town. Crazy. Go Jackets, tomorrow. Let's get a W!
  7. SilverFox81

    Is the North Carolina win a turning point game?

    Make a bowl game and then we can discuss "turning point." Let's just get two more wins! Let's go!
  8. SilverFox81

    Backdoor ACC Championship Game?

    It just depends if this team is ready to play. So far it's been up and down every week. I want to see consistency and focus for 4 Quarters then I'll let you know.
  9. SilverFox81

    Its early but BC Roll Call

    Duh, we're off. BC comes to town in two weeks. Still, let's get a W!
  10. SilverFox81

    Its early but BC Roll Call

    It's my birthday on Saturday and I have to work. Hope the boys bring me a W on my birthday :)
  11. SilverFox81

    Where do we go from here?

    I told y'all :)
  12. SilverFox81

    Where do we go from here?

    All I know is that practice is going to suck this week. Pray for Miami.
  13. SilverFox81

    Alright mannnn what's your best memory of Georgia Tech football?

    1. 1990 Citrus Bowl. I was 9. Incredible. 2. 1998 Tech beating UGA with Chambers Field Goal. 3. 1998 Tech coming back and beating UVA. I was at the game. Loudest game I've ever experienced. 4. 2004 Tech vs. Clemson and watching Megatrons coming out party. 5. 2008. Finally beating the mutts in...
  14. SilverFox81

    Tech vs. Louisville

    Good one.
  15. SilverFox81

    Tech vs. Louisville

    You know, Collins wanted to be at Tech and look how that ended up? Then again, Brohm is probably a better coach so there's that.
  16. SilverFox81

    Tech vs. Louisville

    I'm not worried about that game. Louisville should be worried. As long as we get pressure on their QB and we can run, we got it.
  17. SilverFox81

    Article Georgia Tech coordinators see bump in pay

    It's a start and it will get better.
  18. SilverFox81

    Post from former Tech beat writer

    Like I've said since Key took over, he will right the ship. Here we come!
  19. SilverFox81

    Spring League for High School players

    NIL on full stage.