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  1. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Thanks Dude. I missed the ticket forum earlier. 😇
  2. USC-Upstate - Tuesday 6pm

    Thought I would take a stab here and see if any GT Season Ticket holders have 3 tickets for tomorrow's game they would be willing to sell. Taking our youngest son up tomorrow to tour the campus on Wednesday now that he has been accepted. Thought we could take him to a game as well...
  3. Georgia Tech Football Ticket Exchange

    Looking for 3 tickets that aren't gonna be used. My 2 boys want to go to the Pitt game. PM me if you have some.not being used.
  4. Georgia Tech Football Ticket Exchange

    I am taking my son and would love to fill the seats for you.
  5. GT / Georgia Highlights

    There were more good defensive plays than I remember…..
  6. GT 'ain't lost to no damn chumps

    This needs to be stated more often the next few weeks. We could start a new win streak
  7. Question for TV Watchers

    And the Milton personal foul was one of the ticky tackiest calls I have see. In a long time
  8. To all the people complaining about National attention.

    One thing I haven't seen pointed out is the fact we basically spotted FSU 13 points. 2 red zone turnovers and a sack that took us out of FG range. Shouldn't have been so close but I'll take the finish every day
  9. Guys played hard, but were coached poorly again this week.

    The fans definitely contributed. Many didn't show and there were seats all around us, we couldn't ever get a YELLOW JACKETS. Cheer going, and at one point after we got a first down, it was so silent you would think it was pregame. All of us need to take some accountability for this too.
  10. Duke Postgame

    I'm with ibeeballin. Execution is the key. If that ain't happening, you're gonna get blistered even worse with a balanced Offense, cause the execution will be even worse
  11. A Different Perspective

    I expect to see new faces on special teams this week, especially punt and kick coverage. As bad as the past two weeks have been, good play on STs sealed the fate, especially yesterday.
  12. Everyone Please Read This

    Thanks for posting this Boomer and do what you've got to do. The reason I have gravitated to this board is because it is much more professional. The fans are knowledgeable and discuss issues like adults versus the sophomoric behavior displayed on other sites. I'll have to quit coming here as...
  13. Georgia Tech Injury Report

    Gamble is the biggest hit. He has turned a corner this year. Blowing plays up. Need him to be back by Clemson. Lynch is learning fast at AB and has natural ability. He should be clutch by November. Summers is biggest hit on O. He was blocking and catching as good as the two starters last year.
  14. GameDay !!!!

    I believe we will see why the GT team is different now than in previous years and regimes. The ND Game was a wake up call. Our guys will be focused today. We can play with anybody in college ball when we are focuse and beat most of them. The hype train will be standing room only again after...
  15. Notre Dame Postgame

    No, I don't think the D laid down on that play. Go back and count the number of players in pursuit at the end. You don't have half the D running that hard the length of the field if they lay down. Effort was not the issue. Execution was.
  16. Very proud of Defense

    I'm still looking for four, so I'll take any you aren't going to use.
  17. Clempson vs Louisville

    You can have him. I'll keep JT. Every day and twice on Saturday.
  18. How Ga Tech will attack Notre Dame

    This. I know what I am getting from Johnson and the offense. Been the same for 7+ years. Actually 25+. What I am excited about is Ted Roof. I believe in the guy. He is the difference. When we had Wommack and Groh I hoped they would get us back to at least average. Didn't happen. But...
  19. Irish plan

    All you need to know is right here. Most underrated D in the country.
  20. What Wrinkle will CPJ Throw In?

    The diamond ain't happening