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    Spring Game Postgame Thread

    Yes, I had that polo and got so many compliments on it. Mainly from non-GT fans.
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    Legends of the Flats day

    The way I understand it, practice will be open to former players only. I'm sure there will be an awesome video or two of everything that goes down, but I think that's as close as us regular fans will get to participating.
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    GT to play at MB stadium

    I don't think fans are the only one getting "guiced" about the #NewWorldOrder. A friend of mine was on a cruise with a Clemson assistant last week. Direct quote about his thoughts on Georgia Tech: "Geoff Collins is going to make Tech a powerhouse." My point is let's let this thing ride out. If...
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    CGC Mind Games

    Scared stupid
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    S&P 2019 season projections

    How about we use this as an opportunity to temper expectations for next season. I've seen some of you say that there's no reason we shouldn't win 6 or 7 games, and I'm afraid you're going to come crashing down to earth by mid - late October. I love the CGC hype but this is a big ship and I...
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    Need a little help Assuming you mean these? They look pretty slick. What’s the email address? I’ll shoot them a request.
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    A Bible verse for the super bowl...

    Your pastor really stretched for a sermon illustration this morning, huh? Ha ha
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    GT football memories

    My personal favorite was this game against Virginia in ‘98. This was the first year my family had season tickets that included a seat for me (I was 11), and we were watching this game from section 205. I’m fairly certain it was the Homecoming game that season, and that UVA was ranked in the top...
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    GT football memories

    That was the night I proposed to my wife. I took her out for a nice dinner and such then popped the question afterwards, so I missed the game. I called my parents to tell them she said yes, and they told me Tech had just won. My wife still gives me grief for being more excited about that game...
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    Spring Game: My Thoughts

    I’ve been a Tech fan my whole life - 31 years. My dad’s been a Tech fan his whole life - 54 years. We’re both planning to go to our first spring game this year.
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    Stinger Mobile Passes

    Details on the location spoofing app, please. Which one do you use?
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    Stinger Mobile Passes

    You have to be within one mile of the stadium to check-in and receive the ticket, but it does have the ability to transfer tickets. I think you enter the receiving person's phone number, and they receive a text message with a link. I've never done it, but that's the way I believe it's supposed...
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    Stinger Mobile Passes

    I should also point out that there are 7 home games this year, making the passes an even better value.
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    Stinger Mobile Passes

    With Tech fans almost every game. The Virginia game was the only exception, where we were in 130. If I had to pick a visiting fan base to sit with, it would be Virginia. They’re a classy bunch for the most part. And there were still some Tech fans around us, so we weren’t right in the middle of...
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    Stinger Mobile Passes

    Yes. As long as you give them access to your account, anyone can use the tickets. It’s all managed in the GT Gameday app. I’ve never done it, but supposedly you can also link multiple passes together so the seats are close. I think you can link up to 8 seats.
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    Stinger Mobile Passes

    Probably the worst seats to me were in section 130 for the UVA game. I could only really see what was going on the 35 yd line and in. Every other play I was watching the video board. I was up in the North stands for the Clemson game, but I wouldn’t say those seats were bad. I actually prefer the...
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    Stinger Mobile Passes I wanted to share some info about the Stinger Mobile Passes. I bought two passes last season, and they were a fantastic alternative to season tickets for me. I live about 2 1/2 hours away from Bobby Dodd, and have 2 small children, so there are variables...
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    AFC Champs Practicing at Tech

    It will be good to have either Mason or Butker back on the Flats. Anyone know if there are any rules about what kind of interaction the staff / players / recruits could have with the pros?
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    Yeah, that's because CGC had "the other 46 states". (y)
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    I think the general belief is that most transfers out will occur after spring ball. The expectation is there will be about 5 - 6 transfers.