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  1. Essobee

    Report: Pepper Rodgers has passed

    IIRC, Sims came to Tech as an End and moved to RB. Great move.
  2. Essobee

    Report: Pepper Rodgers has passed

    Now it's "Fourth and Long Gone" for Pepper. He and I had a disagreement once but both of us got over it and remained friends. A Tech legend who will be missed.
  3. Essobee

    RIP Lester Simerville - Another of Dodd's Boys (Link)***

    I met him while a student at Tech. Lester was a great guy and fine player. He will be very much missed.
  4. Essobee

    Old Techsters

    Denton could dribble so well that he could freeze the ball and no one could get it away. I saw him out-dribble two players who double-teamed to take the ball away from him. Dave put both players flat on the floor. Blemker had his famous "fade away jumper" which Ciraldo loved. And of course...
  5. Essobee

    Old Techsters

    When I enrolled at Tech the Alexander Memorial Coliseum had just been built and we had defeated UGA in football seven years in a row. My freshman year Tech beat the Dwags 35-0 and had won eight in a row. That same year we lost only one Johnny Majors and Tennessee, 6-0. We should've...
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    Am i the oldest poster/Tech fan on this board

    I "cured" my arthritis by accident, Stinger. I was addressing a different issue that put me in the hospital for extensive tests and diagnosis. Immediately and cold turkey I gave up refined sugar, fried foods, refined wheat, and other foods generally considered toxic. I lost 45lbs. and also to my...
  7. Essobee

    Am i the oldest poster/Tech fan on this board

    84 beats my 81, I'm happy to say. Like you, I work out 3x a week and, like you, I find it gets harder each year. I think I may cut back when I reach 85 or 90. :inpain:
  8. Essobee

    Am i the oldest poster/Tech fan on this board

    Just don't ask me what I had for breakfast this morning 'cause I don't recall.
  9. Essobee

    Am i the oldest poster/Tech fan on this board

    AA Billy the Kid Lothridge was a teammate of AA Billy Martin at Gainesville, GA and played in the State of Georgia high school North-South all star game at the end of his high school senior year. Billy Lothridge played linebacker in that game, so it was a surprise to me when he played QB at...
  10. Essobee

    Am i the oldest poster/Tech fan on this board

    It was Theron Sapp (UGA Fullback) who screwed the streak up. Additionally, our team of consisted heavily of sophomores (first year players because freshmen did not play in those years). Final score: 7-0, bad guys. As to the mutts having down years, one of their QBs during their 8-year drought...
  11. Essobee

    Am i the oldest poster/Tech fan on this board

    We beat UGA for the eighth straight year while I was a student at Tech. :cigar: :beer:
  12. Essobee

    Freshmen Arrive

    Aside from good strategy sessions, hearts and bridge were great relaxation leading to a clear mind and better performance on quizzes. I had a couple of buddies that were doing terrible one quarter, so I frequently tore them away from their studies for a game of hearts. They made their best...
  13. Essobee

    Freshmen Arrive

    Smith, bottom floor, four-man room. Perfect location. Perfect roommates. A great year. Too bad it all had to come to an end as soon as it did. :beercheers::playful:
  14. Essobee

    Introduce yourself

    Yellow is great. Gold is even better. (y)
  15. Essobee

    Tech great Joe Auer has passed away

    I heard it was an alligator that he kept in the shower. Maybe it was both. :beercheers:
  16. Essobee

    4 More Staffers announced

    Dunno if it has changed, but back in the day he was a kickass guy who quickly got the attention of thickheads not doing their job.
  17. Essobee

    Quick Lane Bowl Postgame Discussion

    That's a good sign and probably has a whole lot to do with Parker being such a fine football player. Everyone that played should have looked pissed off. All the coaches should have looked pissed off. Even more so, everyone should have played the game pissed off.
  18. Essobee

    [Poll] Out of pure curiosity - Did you attend Georgia Tech?

    I could not agree more, OJF. Word has it that Pete Dye said he wanted to be remembered as an SOB. I played WS and it reminded me of when I was a student at GA Tech. I never knew when a royal purple rotating shaft with barbs would ram me from out of nowhere.
  19. Essobee

    OL blocking change

    Did you play at Tennessee back in the day?
  20. Essobee

    Let’s do Junior’s Grill while we’re at it.

    What a great picture of Techwood and Juniors. I remember when "The Big Country" starring Gregory Peck was on the Techwood marquee one day. Some Tech students in the dark of nite changed it to The Big Cun_ starring Pecke_. :censored: Yes, I remember when the Techwood was affectionately called...