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    Compare records and coaches over the 119 years, especially when they just take over the program. It takes time!
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    I Like What I See.....

    I've been watching Georgia Tech football for 59 years and I like what I see right now. I loved CPJ football. I thought his teams were the most fun to watch, probably because he was an old school coach and I'm old and it was familiar. I had season tickets last year and went to all the games. I...
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    Awesome GT Cooler

    I have friend that builds awesome Team / Theme Coolers for Man Caves, Tailgates, Decks, (you name it) he custom built one for me and I have it in my Man Cave. If you would like one give him a call. His name is Jesse Beasley, Cell Phone 404-388-9204...... He also builds Corn Hole Games........
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    New Hat........
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    Cheesesteaks with Coach Collins

    Pretty neat, I like him......
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    This Year's Team Motto

    I think the team should come up with a motto every year; kind of a 'mission statement' I like this one...
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    Summer of BDS Sellouts

    Do you think Tech will pick up sidewalk fans from the Soccer sellouts this summer? I was thinking/hoping some of the soccer folks might decide to come to some football games.
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    Just renewed my season tickets for 2017

    Ouch!:eek: $70 more per ticket $325 to $395 per ticket. I'm not sure this is going to lead to sell-out's.
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    GT Bob Tech / UVA is up

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    GT Bob youtube up fpr GT vs VT

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    Upgrades coming to BDS......

    GTAA will be getting an extra $1,000,000 next year for Soccer rental at BDS, according to AJC.......
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    After Georgia Tech I'm a Navy fan and this past weekend I watched Navy beat a very good Memphis State team in front of a packed stadium in Annapolis. Paul Johnson is the mentor of Niumatalolo but they got something going that we don't. I like CPJ but I think our weak links may be some of his...
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    Free Tech Shuttle from Atlantic Station is back

    The free shuttle from Atlantic Station has been started again. I used it last week and it was a little slow, but, they are adding another bus and personnel to manage the departures. Two years ago the shuttle was run using the Tech Trolleys, now Atlantic Station is providing the buses (they are...
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    UGA is awful

    I know everybody can agree with me!
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    D.J. White doing Tech Proud

    I knew he would....
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    Finally Home; Impressions of the Game and Ireland

    We're finally back from Ireland via Dublin to Frankfurt, Germany to Atlanta. I woke up at 4AM (9AM Dublin time) feeling tired but good, which is not bad for a 65 yr. old surviving a 10 day epic vacation of walking, climbing stairs, going down stairs, driving miles and miles on the left side of...
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    Jordan Woods waxes eloquent about GT....

    Ken Sugiura @ksugiuraajc Quotable Tech signee Jordan Woods on his recruitment February 4, 2016 | Filed in: ACC, College, Football. COMMENTS 12 HYOSUB SHIN / [email protected] Probably the most acclaimed member of the Georgia Tech signing class is defensive end Jordan Woods, a four-star...
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    Yellow Jackets vs Bulldogs 1957 (1st half)

    That is the Rockmart Yellow Jackets and Cedartown Bulldogs. They used to play on Thanksgiving day; this film is on November 28, 1957, Cedartown is the home team. I was 7 years old and the family met at my Uncle George's house for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner all the grownups went to the...
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    GO NAVY!

    GO NAVY BEAT ARMY = watch Navy run our offense how it's meant to be.