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  1. Coaching Carousel 9 - People die climbing mountains

    Hire him as an analyst to teach defense. Offense not so much. He sure can teach defense. This UVA team is one of the worst shooting teams I have ever seen in the ACC.
  2. 3/3 WBB Season Finale @ Miami

    Nice road win. I can't imagine what coaches go through with these tight games. It's hard enough as a fan.
  3. GT vs FSU - 3/2/2024 (GAME THREAD)

    That's what I remember. A beast rebounder for his height. I ran into him and Cremmins out jogging on Fowler one evening. I was surprised how big Bruce was up close. BTW. He was called Henry in HS but Bruce at Tech.
  4. GT vs FSU - 3/2/2024 (GAME THREAD)

    We make it too easy to get into a double team trap in the corner. Need to work on better in bound sets. We need to not let the opposition roll the ball to mid court and the clock is stopped when we have a late lead and want to burn clock. Just keep a guy back to force an inbounds pass on the...
  5. GT vs FSU - 3/2/2024 (GAME THREAD)

    I think he improved every year in the program. He developed a nice pull up jumper and he was the guy we wanted on the FT line with the game on the line. He really helped this team this year and was a good example to the younger guys.
  6. GT vs FSU - 3/2/2024 (GAME THREAD)

    Really happy for Sturdivant to get a good win and have a terrific game on his senior day. Looked like a good crowd on TV.
  7. GT Hoops General Topics

    Last year a devoted GT fan in Raleigh past away. His son had attended Tech and he became a huge fan. Whenever Bobby came to the RDU area, he would often drive him to events. He would arrange tickets for Tech BB games against NCSU and an alumni breakfast at the team hotel where Bobby would make...
  8. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    Collins couldn't beat the Citadel running the 3O. No telling how bad Navy or Army would have beat us. UNC better hope none of them are on their schedule.
  9. Portal Quality

    Parents too.
  10. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    Somehow get coaches and player visibility on campus so students feel connected. I will never forget my freshman year walking up to the classroom building and Kim King was lying back on a wall at the entrance to the library with his notebook and books with him. Reminded me that these guys are...
  11. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    I liked GOL having those student meetings where he talked football. Open to any student and got student involvement. Want to get more student involvement? Have the coaches visit the fraternities and sororities to hype up the teams and ask for their support. We should be able to get well over...
  12. GT over/under 5.5 wins in 2024

    The only good thing about BG loss was the final nail in Thacker's coffin. Should have happened sooner but he was given plenty of chances.
  13. Attendance and Atmosphere

    Anson Dorrance is near retirement and the UNC soccer dominance is not what it once was. Women's soccer was not as competitive in his early years and lots of schools didn't have teams. The USA Women's soccer team success has helped increase interest in the sport and colleges have started...
  14. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    Collins still coaching in the ACC. I can assure you people in Chapel Hill are hearing this. I was at dinner with 2 UNC couples a few weeks ago and started telling them some of the things TFG had done. Got some interesting looks but dead silence. This was before the PJ expose. They just wanted to...
  15. Attendance and Atmosphere

    Always seems to start and end with the head coach doesn't it.
  16. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    Lots of changes to blocking plus the refs were looking to call chop blocks. The defenses also learned to hold our linemen to keep them from getting to the linebackers. That was never called. We did get out matched by some of the top teams with bigger and more athletic defensive linemen the last...
  17. 2/25 WBB hosts Wake Forest in final home game

    I live in North Carolina so I don't get very many of our WBB games and therefore have a limited sample size to observe. The main thing I have seen is a lack of overall quickness and foot speed. We get beat off the dribble which breaks down the defense and can't get to a shooter in time to affect...
  18. 2/25 WBB hosts Wake Forest in final home game

    Wake is a 6 win team. Something not right with our team right now. WF in last place and we lose to them at home. Ugggg.
  19. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    They also played the academies. He also knew that offense was effective with the right personnel and you are correct they had to run it on the scout team plus break it down on film.
  20. link

    Goal is $5M. So far Collins has not been very visible in the program. Waiting for him to appear.