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  1. Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    Money down, dancing on the sidelines, 0-100, etc. Scooter really did suck.😖
  2. RIP Aubbie HoF WR Terry Beasley (Links)

    Yep, lineman downfield. No need to mention a name at this point. He was a pretty good guy anyway.
  3. RIP Aubbie HoF WR Terry Beasley (Links)

    Very different back then regarding head injuries. If you got your bell rung they’d stick smelling salts under your nose and someone would ask you how many fingers they were holding up. The trainer we had was known to always hold up two fingers, so if you could remember that, back in the game...

    Agree about the concessions - really slow.
  5. What music are you listening to?

    Orientalnc! - Thanks for the Byrds cut. Gram Parsons gone way too soon.
  6. GT Nightmares

    Forty plus years and I still occasionally have versions of these bad dreams. The most vivid is the one where I can’t find where the class is meeting and when I finally do an exam is being given that I’m totally not ready for. And sometimes I also can’t find my pants.
  7. Expect: Beau Davidson (Dir. of player personnel) to Memphis

    I’m kind of curious about what exactly those “recruiting analyst” girls over in muttland are “analyzing” 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. North Carolina Hires New DC - Geoff Collins

    Little Lord Geoffrey cratered my team. I hope he suffers severe hemorrhoids for the rest of his life.
  9. North Carolina Hires New DC - Geoff Collins

    Totally repulsive 🤮
  10. Graduation Rates by conference

    But does it really take four years to learn how to take care of the grass on a golf course?
  11. What is the greatest game ever played at BDS at Grant/Hyundai Field?

    Personally enjoyed 1969 Tech 6 - mutts 0.
  12. ACC Bowl Action

    That’s one creepy trophy, dude wearing assless chaps. Would be a sensation in certain Atlanta neighborhoods! 😉
  13. Gasparilla Bowl v UCF postgame celebration bonanza extravaganza

    I believe the exorcism is complete. The lingering stink is gone.
  14. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    Hilarious 🤣 I hope they hire him. Maybe he’ll freeze 🥶 to death up there.
  15. Conspiracy theories

    Oswald acted alone.
  16. Good Morning!

    I quench my thirst with dwag tears 😭 (with a shot of bourbon) 😀
  17. Bowl Projections & Rumors

    Actually, the best spot for giving the planet an enema would be Troy, NY.
  18. “Strong Legs Will Run That Weak Legs May Walk”

    Was a lowly walk on in 1969. Different times then. Was an OL and was told I had “good size” at 6’-2” and 210#. If you weighed 300# back then it was because you were a fat slob. IIRC we did get 40000 for the Thanksgiving game. After freshman became eligible the game kind of faded away. Kinda sad...
  19. HATE WEEK 2023

    1969 - first time I had ever seen a grown man down on all fours barking and snapping at people’s ankles. Yep, a drunk mutt fan. Had to step over his unconscious body on the way out after Tech’s 6-0 win.
  20. Things TFG Might Say During DC Job Interview

    Hey! I thought we were supposed to be dumping on Scooter here!