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    ACC Standings

    Our ’easiest’ path to the acc champs is now: - GT wins out - UNC wins out - Louisville loses at least 1 game In this scenario we win the 3 way tie due to having wins over common opponents Miami and Virginia while UNC and UL both have one loss among them. FPI gives us a 15% chance to make the ACC...
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    ACC Standings

    That's now how the tie breaker works. Unless one team beat the other 2, only common opponents between all three teams are considered. If VT's loss is to BC then UL has the tie breaker, otherwise it goes to winning percentage of conference opponents.
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    ACC Standings

    I have some code to simulate this — it says about 10% chance if we win out based on FPI
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    Thacker out at DC, now Safeties coach
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    GT @ Wake Kick Time: 6:30pm on the CW “For YouTube TV customers in the Atlanta Market, while The CW is not yet available on YouTube TV in the Atlanta market, Saturday’s game will be streamed on YouTube TV.”
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    Postgame GT 48 : SCST 13

    I thought he corrected himself on the second field goal but not the first — I was also physically at the game though so there might have been a difference.
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    Postgame GT 48 : SCST 13

    Pretty sure that was more announcer error. The stats gave these tackles to Kyle Kennard who has the same number as Avery Boyd. Other notable errors are claiming 88 Gavin Stewart made a field goal when it was actually 93 Aidan Birr, which we could see from the other side of the stadium!
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    Currently says 25 minutes, but it went up a few minutes ago
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    2023 GT Football Information Guide Go into list view and you can sort by any column