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  1. Southpawmac

    Tip Off Tomorrow Miami of Ohio

    Different year, same story to start.
  2. Southpawmac

    watching on ESPN3 (w/ blackout???)

    Bally Sport is just the regional network. When the regional network has the game rights, that’s when local blackouts kick in and cause the stream on ESPN to not be available. All ACC games are available through ESPN once you are out of market. The reason you can watch Georgia so easy is...
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    watching on ESPN3 (w/ blackout???)

    All a VPN does is change where ESPN thinks you are watching the game. If you've got **** internet, then it won't matter. You can find free VPNs but they will have ads and you might have to try a few different ones to find one that works best. I have Malwarebytes Privacy...
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    watching on ESPN3 (w/ blackout???)

    Don't blame people that say VPN because you don't have the ability to figure it out. VPNs are available on mobile, you just have to download one.
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    UNC at MBS kickoff at 7:30p

    Same prices as the Falcons game. Blank has guaranteed that the prices will never change for different events. The prices set are the prices for all events.
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    2021 Color Debate

    All the fans complaining about the blue jerseys saying “Blue isn’t even one of our primary colors it should only be used as trim!” and the administration said I see your “blue isn’t a primary” and raise you with “blue is a primary”.
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    Expansion Talk 2021

    It makes perfect sense when you know that ESPN is the puppet master behind all this. ESPN owns all the AAC TV rights. ESPN does not own all the Big 12 rights. So the AAC absorbing the 8 Big 12 schools not only saves ESPN loads of money in exit fees and GOR money, but also increases the value of...
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    New LB Coach?

    He'll be an assistant coach, not a position coach since we haven't lost any position coaches.
  9. Southpawmac

    Expansion Talk 2021

    Clemson is bigger than just being in the state of South Carolina now, they are a national brand with bandwagon fans everywhere. Adding Clemson is more about ESPN getting people to sign up for ESPN+ outside South Carolina to see Clemson play Texas/OU/Alabama/etc.
  10. Southpawmac

    Offseason - Baseball

    Yeah I have no idea what his interest was in the job, but I'm certain that it was offered to him. I assumed that he would've had at least a decent amount of interest in the position because of the factors I mentioned above, but he very well may have never truly considered it. The tweet...
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    Offseason - Baseball

    There were rumors that the Kennesaw job was his if he wanted it. Reports this morning said that Kennesaw has hired Ryan Coe as their new head coach. So Ramsey decided to stay at GT and tweeted the above tweet this afternoon. If he really did turn down the Kennesaw job, then he likely got some...
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    Big time OOC game for the ladies this winter!
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    Potential playoff expansion

    These tables don't really work because ND isn't counted as an ACC game. Also, the 3 permanent table doesn't include UVA. I like the 3 permanent and 8 games though. Permanents being Clemson, VT, Duke. Even if ND were to join and the ACC went to 16, I think 3 permanent and a rotation of the...
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    Moses on the combine list. Jose is not.
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    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    ND getting molly whopped.