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  1. GT (+6) vs. Miami

    Watched a quarter of Miami...Theo Look Different . .Richter seems to have them playing well but we can play with them if we start off good...they are physical and it's clear there are many teams left that can whip us....we need a win but canes are tuff
  2. Anyone watching the Vandy game?

    We can handle both of them
  3. Why Georgia Tech Football Will Rebound in 2016

    See six wins and then toss ups...GA and clemens will be good and VT ando Miami could be good.too many coaching changes at VA to figure out ....coupdate be decent if things work out
  4. Would this work for AD

    Agree Pj has good offense for schools that have athletes to run it but here every yr we have to take a round peg and put it in a square hole...He wears blue every game which makes me wonder if he still is a Navy man or zSouthern at heart....I imagine he will stay here for awhile due to contract...
  5. Game-by-Game Predictions

    6 plus...start off strong but biggie is Clemson . .
  6. The Best of: Defensive Back

    Gary Bussell...Don Toner...Johnny Gresham
  7. Dodd's place in the best 100?

    All I know is how much fun it was watching tech under Dodd...lot of excitement and close games . .. Ave what 8 and 3 for 22 yrs,not bad at all
  8. The Good Word: Leading the Charge

    Well being hungry to reverse last year is a darn good start..nobody is a push over this to play hard
  9. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    No not a grad but it is clear to me that you desingn a offense with what talent you have or can get.When I was coaching in the sixties and seventies we had a 9.9 sprinter and a 225 lb fullback so.............we hammered folks........course when they graduate and you have nothing that good...
  10. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Well there is some exciteent with the ball in the air and not lookng at nine in the box every play.....see y9ur point.
  11. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    As I have said no furhter info is have your opinion and i have mine.......they will not meet on the aspect of tech football ...sorry but after watching us for past few years it has reached the time to fish or cut bait..........I dont berate my friends in public...we have...
  12. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Sounds like you are a PJ man my further info is necessary...yeah look at the number of guys who run this offense and how many HS teams run it..if it is so good then why not everyone get on the wagon....dive dive dive is pretty boring when you dont get results.......
  13. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    bet you if Clemson had the injuries we had.they would still have done better than we have done this yea....called talent and recruiting.
  14. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    well if it is not recruiting then it must be poor coaching.............go back not sure I have said a thing about injuries and breaks they are part of football.
  15. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Dont worry about ranking but look at Chans NFL guys vs PJ..........and if we want to compare Chan and PJ are on same win loss stat.7-5 etc.According to Scout today we are 67..need to be better to compete.
  16. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Agree..cannot believe Vad ever came to Tech to run the option........good job by PJ but it was clear Vad was a spread qb not a snap under center guy.
  17. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Always said his best job of recruiting was his first year and in my mind only he inherieted a great bunh of talent........I will put up Chans folksvs PJs ....Chan could recruit but his mentality was Pros and College players Again you are spot argument from me.........
  18. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Yep talent can get you out of trouble on the sidelines no doubt and we dont have it.Just looked and we are 67 in recruiting in nation at this time....Yes no doubt for the youngsters to learn ....Ross was driven and took no prisoners..we dont have that intensity now nor the athletes as he...
  19. Biggest need for 2016 (offense edition)

    Yeah now we wear a differnet uni every year.............and yep some beliefs from old fans who send money should be at least looked at.Guess when we join another WFL we will fit right in.........we are Tech not tlhe Ducks.....course that is my take and I am 68 yrs old so I do fit your profile.