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  1. An Open Letter to J Batt

    And that'd probably still be your opinion if Tech had beaten uga, despite that being far more embarrassing than Louisville losing to uk.
  2. An Open Letter to J Batt

    Your biass is showing.
  3. An Open Letter to J Batt

    Not sure why you keep repeating this, but LSU was the 4th best team in the SEC. They have the same conference record as Mizzou and beat them head to head. 1. Bama (beat ugag, ole miss, and lsu) 2. ugag (lost to bama, beat ole miss and mizzou) 3. Ole Miss (lost to Bama and ugag, beat LSU) 4...
  4. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    check the handle
  5. An Open Letter to J Batt

    USC and Oklahoma were also undefeated though as well as Boise State and Utah in 2004. Not the same as multiple 1 loss teams getting in over an undefeated P5.
  6. Jamal Haynes, Singleton & Rutherford (good news)

    I don't think he forgot about him, he just started going to Singleton even more. Malik caught the 2nd most passes in every game the 2nd half of the season, and was 1st or 2nd most in every game in the first half of the season. As much of a home run threat as Singleton is, I think King started...
  7. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Looks better compared to what? He was undisputably worse than his predecessor Mark Richt, and was basically on par with Randy Shannon and Al Golden who were the worst Miami coaches since the 70s. That Cristobal seems like he may be joining the group of underperformers doesn't really help Diaz.
  8. 2023 ACC News & Discussion

    Looks like Duke has hired Manny Diaz to be HC. Really odd choice considering how mediocre he was as HC at Miami where he had tons more talent and money to throw around than he will at Duke.
  9. 3 Bye Weeks in 2024

    ugag has 2 bye weeks, and I imagine they aren't the only one
  10. The End of College Sports As We Know It

    Might need to recheck some numbers, current capacity of Bobby Dodd is 55k.
  11. The End of College Sports As We Know It

    Yes but MOST weekends there is not a football game being played there, so TECHNICALLY he's right. But it's also true for most every other college stadium too.
  12. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    Would be interesting to see if viewership decreased slightly after each of those changes like it seems to be doing these days. I think the biggest issue for keeping cfb expanding is that it seems each generation is interested less and less. You are losing more fans just by the older generations...
  13. CFP Discussion

    If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.
  14. CFP Discussion

    Don't forget to cancel any ESPN subscriptions, I cancelled mine yesterday. They will not see another cent from me ever again.
  15. CFP Discussion

    And how are you determining "reasonable"? A secret committee? The "eye test"? I like to work with facts, not conjecture, assumptions, and predictions. I'd say that makes me pretty reasonable. BC and Auburn are comparable teams. FSU had the lead on BC early in the 2nd quarter and never gave it...
  16. CFP Discussion

    lol I'm arguing it right now, the G5 are a lot better than people want to give them credit for. Bama needed a miracle 4th down pass to beat 6-6 Auburn, who a week earlier got absolutely stomped by New Mexico State in their own house. Liberty then proceeded to beat New Mexico State by 2 scores...
  17. CFP Discussion

    This is literally unprovable since they were left out, I don't know why you are so obsessively repeating it. There were 4 FBS teams that were undefeated at the end of the season, and how convenient, there were 4 spots available if the CFP. Michigan, Washington, FSU, and Liberty. We could have...
  18. CFP Discussion

    Then put them in too.
  19. CFP Discussion

    FSU won every game they played, including against 2 SEC teams. They beat more bowl eligible teams than anybody else, and won every single game they played. Pointing to their opponents' combined record as somehow FSU's fault is ridiculous, that's basically saying nothing FSU could have done would...
  20. Brand New Transfer Season NIL talk

    Plenty of athletes have gotten offseason jobs and internships/coops.