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  1. RussianOffense

    AWOL GT YouTuber

    Here's the link to his YouTube channel:
  2. RussianOffense

    AWOL GT YouTuber

    There is a guy who does the White and Gold Nation YouTube channel who has suddenly stopped posting. Anyone know him and know if he's alright? I don't know if it's already been posted about here. I'm going to post a link to a thread on another board. If that's against the board rules I hope...
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    Reading between the lines, is Deluca trying to persuade Jose to go pro? Or is it just a generic motivational message? Deluca is his former coach, I guess. What is this "HOPE Productions" stuff?
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I think Devoe was just signaling he was open in case Usher wanted to kick it out. Usher had other plans.
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    Film Room Understanding is healing... GT v ND 2015

    For what it's worth, Johnson said the defense was in triple stack and we motioned out of it and got them into a 3-4, which is what we wanted. I think by "triple stack" he is referring to that 3-5 triangle: 3 linemen and 3 linebackers (i.e., triple stack), then 2 safeties outside the...
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    After CPJ...

    I think Johnson is great coach because he is wise and great coach not because of system. I want another great coach but no triple option coach necessary.
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    ProJackets Update

    No stats for Laskey Thursday night. Not look good. Isaiah Johnson had 3 tackles and 1 "QB HTS". What is it?
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    Uni Thread!

    It confuses me on TV.
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    Patrick Skov

    Quaide may be replacement of Skov next year if Marshall and Skov combination working. It is good to get Allen back because if Skov or Marshall go down.
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    Couple of Jabari clips

    "Content unavailable" for me.
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    Byerly to Bback

    too much talent at bb no chance
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    UGA Loses Lone RB Recruit; Marshall a Potential Target?

    i know my last post was a joke.. sorry
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    UGA Loses Lone RB Recruit; Marshall a Potential Target?

    ? if it is a joke i need someone explain it me
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    Senior Appreciation B. J. Bostic #7, RS SR, Became a Jacket on 6/11/09

    he stand to me this year for blockng. he also has good catches.
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    College Football Attendance drop

    who dont like watching man in red for 4 minutes before and after kick seriously though i am not troubled because there too many football teams. the drop is due to non power 5 if u look. overexpansion.
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    I am more confident about offense but less about defense than last year. This does not seem like the year but defense should be better next year.
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    Looks Like Everything Worked Out

    Vad reminds me of Jameis Winston rushing. Very similar runners. Winston is much better passer
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    Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    Did he say anything about football game?
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    Friends, let's talk about our Football Coach

    I hope he doesn't resent all you jerks and doubters who put him on hot seat after we won just 7. If he leaves it will be your fault. We should have extended him already, before this season. We need to keep him at all costs.