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  1. Pastner Staff Thread

    I have a manager like that. Didn't like golfers and always made comments about people who golf.
  2. The Search Reloaded

    Capel would have to decline our job again. I would get in touch with him and make contract parameters known and see what happens. Apologize and say we had to do our due diligence and see what happens. Pride be damned.
  3. The Search

    How many ACC teams have tried to hire Duke assistants? Do many ACC teams hire assistants from any team? Seem like most ACC hires were head coaches somewhere before.
  4. Gregg Marshall: the thread

    He wins. Our FB headcoach isn't personable. The top hC in CFB, NFL, and NBA (Pop) aren't personable. Give me a winner and I can learn to love their awful personality.
  5. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    I'd keep Gregory over him. Style of play should be the #1 thing we look for. We need to play in the manner that the talent around us wants to play. These kids don't want to play like that. Thrillerdome... Let's get back to running and shooting (and the shots going in).
  6. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Thanks for the review. That's what I think of with Cincy. That being said, he is off my list. I don't want to watch that type of basketball. I want a spread it out, free flowing offense. That's the way basketball is trending and I want that style. More pleasing to watch.
  7. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Also, how do the rumors of Under Armour replacing Russell play into this decision? Wouldn't they want a super strong basketball HC in Atlanta? Anything happening on that front?
  8. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Can someone give me a review of Mick Cronin? Style of play? Recruiting prowess?
  9. Most Devastating Injury this Year

    The backup QB isn't the answer to why we are struggling. Lack of skill position playmakers to force defenders away from the box is the problem. Qua Searcy -> Biggest loss. He was the outlet at AB with speed to keep those safeties a little more honest with their angles. They are basically...
  10. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    SEC certainly have upgraded their coaches. Now will the recruits follow. Howland, Barnes, and Pearl are serious.
  11. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    I think most college coaches suck. Half can coach. Half can recruit. Some can do both. Very few can add development to their skill listings. Avery will be a recruiter and average or slightly better x & o guy. He would get his lunch ate by Coach K or a Bo Ryan, but will do better than many...
  12. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Avery will be good in the living rooms. Unlike other 'name' hires, he has been quite visible to today's player with his role on ESPN's basketball coverage with Jalen Rose and the sexy-MILF Sage Steele
  13. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    WHAT??? For a school like VCU, 1 Sweet 16 in 5 years is awesome. It's not like he's coming in with top 4 seeds and getting bounced. Shaka played this properly. Hang around long enough for people to not think it was a fluke. jump at a really big job with a really big check.
  14. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    We blame Poole for too much. Maybe our coach can't close? Other than Rob Carter, who has the current staff recruited of note? Solo didn't work out and Rob wanted out. Maybe its not just a Solo problem? J/S
  15. Coaches on the Hot Seat

    Wasn't the Poole package deal with his brother? Are you implying that Solo and Stacy had beef?
  16. Spring Practice - Day #2

    Brown looks about 30 too. I love it.
  17. Who do we hire?

    I think he may have been in Gregory's boat as well if we had chosen him.
  18. Who do we hire?

    Note: @Eric Can we merge these 2 coaching threads? Or lock 1. Just a suggestion/request
  19. Who do we hire?

    I think some are afraid of his recruiting getting us on probation or something of the like.
  20. Who do we hire?

    That's the point-counterpoint thing he and Bradley do sometimes. Means nothing. BTW. Gregory and cleaning up the off-the-court mess... What off-the-court trouble did Hewitt have? I don't recall anything. I thought Hewitt was pretty good there. Am I not properly remembering his tenure...