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  1. CFP Discussion

    Again it’s all based on assumptions. There is no way to compare GT, Auburn, Rutgers, California, or Texas Tech. They all are 6-6. Any metric using these and most teams is just opinion disguised as facts. At some point actually watching teams play matters. As it’s all judgment anyway...
  2. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    And said fan is still subject to being critiqued for his comments.
  3. CFP Discussion

    FSU is failing the “eye test”. Michigan Ned’s a good 2nd half not to drop below Washington.
  4. CFP Discussion

    What is your mathematical model based on, assumptions. That is no better than a group of 12 deciding. With only 12 games and generally only 1 meaningful OOC game there is no way you css as n have a model that isn’t majorly biased.
  5. CFP Discussion

    Sounds like the FSU strategy back in the late 1999s. They kept stats on how many QBs they took out every year.
  6. 12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    We had 12 turnovers vs Duke. Last year we averaged 11 per game and 2 years ago we averaged 13 per game. I suspect the numbers will drop over time and against lesser opponents.
  7. Brand New Transfer Season NIL talk

    Except minor league football as you propose would fail completely. College football is minor league football already and the Pro franchises don't need to fund it. The amount of money involved in college football makes it obvious the players will get some of that money. That is here to stay...
  8. CFP Discussion

    You need to score to win
  9. Our NIL

  10. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    If you guys believe some of our BB players didn't get money than you really have your heads in the sand.
  11. Brand New Transfer Season NIL talk

    Many college football and basketball players come from families that very little in the way of material things, housing or money. Many are fairly large families. When the sport they play makes Billions of dollars I can easily understand why they want some of the money. They are the...
  12. 2023 Coaching Carousel

    If he is out of work at USC he will have 10+ offers within 24 hours. He needs a Defensive coordinator that can get them to just average defense. He will never have an issue getting a very high end QB.
  13. 12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    Odd question to celebrate :p 🏀🍻
  14. 2023 Coaching Carousel

    Lincoln Riley has produced 3 Heisman winning QBs in the last decade and he turned Jaylon Hurts from an athlete into one of the best QBs around, 2nd in Heisman voting. He needs a defensive coordinator more than Key does. His HC record is 73-18 all at the P5 level.
  15. 2023 Coaching Carousel

    Dabo would be smart to give Riley full control of the offense.
  16. 12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    1. What does it matter that we have a “starting” lineup. 2. It is likely game dependent and how long any player plays likely depends on how they play. 3. Kelly, Reeves are locks. George and Nodongo are likely starters for most games. 4. The 5th starter likely up in the air
  17. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    How would you identify "jumping for money" from any other reason to transfer? There is no way to factually know who is getting money and how much they are getting.
  18. Our NIL

    And we struggle to get to 6-6
  19. 12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    It will be hard to stay that close. We will need everyone’s A game to be competitive. Duke is very talented.
  20. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    I am sure they will not play if they formally enter the portal. It would not be in their best interest to practice or play in the game nor in the coaching staff’s best interest.