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  1. POLL: How do you feel about Key as HFC?

    A few thoughts: I was born in 1956, football series between GT and UGA was at almost even in wins and losses. How many times have we won a game against that school up north ,in my l lifetime , not many ! 1999 was the last time we won in the DODD. Did we miss on an opportunity to hire a proven...
  2. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Looked bad against Houston at home on senior day ! 3-42!!!!
  3. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Good stuff

    It is left shoulder , I saw him after game in a sling !

    Welcome to the world of NIL money and the transfer portal. Expect more this with every program !
  6. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I agree , we need clauson from wake forest , let’s get this right so when the BIG expands we will be considered . Pay the $$
  7. Your choice for Head Coach

    Good stuff , I like the wake coach , it may take 7-10! But he is proven .
  8. Looking for Tech/Miami Tickets…

    Agree , do the 1.00 per ticket and make them sign up and we get all of their info for future mailings.
  9. GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!

    Prayers up
  10. Pyron vs FSU

  11. Wake Forest has shown us the way forward.

    Should we go pay clauson 7 million to come to the ATL.????
  12. HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Pay him 7 million a year , he is a winner !
  13. ACC Headquarters Officially Moving to Charlotte

    Wake will be the only North Carolina school left, agree with you .
  14. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    Look for TStan to be fired first
  15. Season Ticket Renewal Has Started

    Now that mention , I agree .
  16. Season Ticket Renewal Has Started

    It is almost like the NFL , one year in the super bowl , next year fire the coach . Crazy sports , we did not replace the one and five positions. So first to worst .
  17. We need to jump ship

    Loved calculus hated English .
  18. Season Ticket Renewal Has Started

    Understand , I drive up from fla .
  19. We need to jump ship

    Agree! Jay Bilas made the comment a few months ago. ACC and SEC should merge. How about if we radically blow up the present conferences. Have 4 D1 conferences: Southern Northern Midwest Far west 25 teams in each New Southern conference becomes the SEC plus the old ACC southern schools . Do pods...