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  1. JazzyD95

    Question about a past incident involving football players.

    my dad was a tech student at the time and participated in the brawl... the way he tells it, Moony punched a girl in the face, and his knee jerk reaction was to smash his beer mug on the back of Moony's head... his immediate reaction after that was "oh **** this guy is huge, what did I just do"...
  2. JazzyD95

    ProJackets Update

    I'm just imagining JT trying to tackle Ezekiel Elliot or Derrick Henry and shattering into pieces. He's too talented with the ball in his Hands to not try him at the slot. Wes welker, Julian Edelman, and Cole Beasley, are great examples of undersized, speedy Guys making a living out of the slot.
  3. JazzyD95

    Let the rejoicing begin!

    As long as I never have to hear that clueless asshat Beth Mowins announce another Tech football/basketball game then you won't hear me complain really.
  4. JazzyD95

    2017 Spring Practice

    Saw Tre Jackson hobbling around on crutches today. Im pretty sure he said he has a torn hamstring. :(
  5. JazzyD95

    Ellen at GT on Signing Day?

    Honestly think she's coming here for some sort of protest about the current administration
  6. JazzyD95

    Marcus Marshall

    Just heard from my buddies on the team. MM is done after this season. Wish i was misinformed, but sadly im not. Really hoping Mills keeps his nose clean this offseason or we're back to square 1 with BB next year.
  7. JazzyD95

    2017 roster/depth

    just talked to my buddies on the team. they said that Marcus Marshall is gone after this season. I wish i was wrong here, but this came directly from people on the team. I really hope Mills can walk the straight and narrow this off season, or we're back to square 1 at the BB position.
  8. JazzyD95

    ProJackets Update

    Is say getting him in the 4th/5th is a solid pick, but he's going even later in some drafts. Running back has me concerned tho. Not sure whether to touch Lamar Miller or Elliot in the top 5
  9. JazzyD95

    ProJackets Update

    Better off looking at kelvin Benjamin if you want a steal. He's going way too late in most drafts right now
  10. JazzyD95

    I miss this MONSTER - We need another beast like this outside

    With Blaine Gabbert and Kapernick throwing him the ball? Not sure I like those odds.
  11. JazzyD95

    Spring Practice 2016 News & Notes

    The guard steps with the wrong foot, allowing the DT to snake by him. A good OL will tell you that the most important aspect of a block is your first step, and this just illustrates what I've been talking about for years. Sewak can't even get his players to take the right step off the ball, and...
  12. JazzyD95

    MJ to Play More This Season -

    This could be said for any offense
  13. JazzyD95

    Spring Practice 2016 News & Notes

    DL and OL still really light in the britches. don't athletes have diets recommended for them by Tech sports nutritionists. Diet is huge in strength and conditioning. as i figured out the hard way, you can work out all day, but if you don't get the right amounts of protein and calories in you...
  14. JazzyD95

    Doomsday Scenario for the ACC

    its a long season, and we're only through two. i don't see how anyone can go ahead and completely write off a P5 conference champ. the picture will become a lot clearer as we move towards November.
  15. JazzyD95

    Nate Cottrell out for year, Mikell Lands-Davis moves to A-back

    You've got absolutely no room to talk. You and Dottie are the founding members of the BBB. I for one am excited about MA. I wasn't blown away with the spring game, but if he can put on some muscle(he was around 200lbs during the spring game) he has a chance to be good this year. Over the long...
  16. JazzyD95

    Brad Stewart is an athlete

    can I like this more than once?
  17. JazzyD95

    The Best Return Man in the ACC

    Is Jamal really the best returner in the ACC though? He's above average certainly, but the best? I don't think so
  18. JazzyD95

    Predicted depth chart

    nick fairly. he was drafted by the lions first round after that season, if I remember correctly. he was one of the "one and done" JUCO players that year.
  19. JazzyD95

    Why You Don't Like UGA

    Third generation tech legacy. Also the only tech fan in my entire high school. I like the Athens bars(and the women). But everything else about the dwags infuriates me.
  20. JazzyD95

    Skov in the weight room